2019 Reading Goals!

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. It is finally the middle of the week and I am so happy about it because that means that I am just a couple more days closer to the weekend and we all know how much I love the weekend.

I also had to walk a mile in the rain yesterday and lets just say that wasn’t fun. I was literally soaked to the bone so I was a little upset about that but I was able to get home about an hour later and warm up which I personally think I needed. Along with I saw Spider-Man Into the SpiderVerse and OH MY GOD I LOVED IT LIKE I CAN’T EVEN VOCALIZE HOW AMAZING IT WAS. I PERSONALLY THINK IT IS THE BEST SPIDER-MAN MOVIE AND I MEan you can’t forget about out precious spider-ham.

Anyways, why don’t we get into the post?

To Read All Of The Books I Have:

So this is a big goal of mine because at this current moment I am reading all of the books that I have been given to review and haven’t had any time to read a book of mine that I bought in the longest amount of time.

I believe it has been over a month and a half since I have read a book that I bought with my own money and that is something I wan’t to fix so because of that I will be reading all of the books that I have been given to review and then I will read at least ten to fifteen books that I have bought for myself over the course of a couple months before I buy another book.

Staying On Track With Blog Posts:

This is another huge goal for me because I have been known at least to myself to fluctuate between continually putting up dozens of blog posts at once to not blogging for over two weeks. Due to that I am honestly trying my best to stay on track with blog posts along with not slacking off on posting quality content.

This goal will be difficult for me because I am planning on taking my normal high school schedule on top of the three AP classes that I am taking which aren’t that easy along with two more community college classes, while trying to get some sleep and I may even be getting an internship at a magazine. But please know that I will be trying my best to post frequent quality content.

Be More Active On Twitter:

First of all, I do have a twitter account. I am honestly such a shy person in real life or at least in my opinion. I have just been honestly scared to talk heavily to everyone because you are all amazing and find myself just kind of bland compared to you. Also because a lot of you are people that I look up to and am scared that I will say something stupid.

Read At Least 3 Books:

I set my goal for three books due to how when I was reading last year I originally started my goal off as 100 books but once we got to October I realized that it wasn’t going to happen. Especially with my high school schedule being more advanced compared to what it was the previous school year.

However, I saw around the beginning of last year how people were setting their goals for like 1 or 2 books and it was because they knew that they at least wanted a goal but they didn’t want to pressure themselves to read more books if they didn’t want to just to get to that goal but instead, to read because they enjoyed it.

Due to that I wanted to try that out this year and that is what I am doing. Plus I wanted to stay in the single digits for my goal and I liked the numbers 3 and 7 so I went with eeny-meeny-miny-moe to decide it.

Try and Write a Book:

SOOOOOO… I have been trying to write a book for soooooo long and I always start it and never finish one so I know that the one that I actually do and finish will be my favorite and worth it but until then I want to keep on writing. However, I do want to at least try and write a book this year even if it completely terrible to the epitome of terrible.

That is the end of this post! Do you have any similar goals? What are your goals? Have you done a post like this and if so link it below so I can read it. Do any of you have any UNREALISTIC goals?

2 thoughts on “2019 Reading Goals!

  1. Good luck with all of your goals!
    I think that reading all the books you have is a great one because I tend to accumulate books faster than I read them so have tonnes of great ones still sitting unread on my shelves.

    Liked by 1 person

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