Please put all your information into the areas below, yet if you can’t do that email me in a followup email.

I have both a Twitter, GoodReads  and Instagram

My Reviews are 100% honest so if I love your book I will go into detail why and if I didn’t like your book I will do the same thing.

I will take books from self-publishers, indie publishers, traditional publishers and any type of author or content creator

I will also review other bookish products.

I am only taking young adult books at this time. Physical books are a preference however I understand if that is not possible.

How I plan to be doing my rating is by stars as:

1 star = I did not understand the plot. This book didn’t meet up to any of what it said in the description. This book was very unenjoyable. There is no redeeming qualities of this book and I do not know how it was published.

2 stars = This book had one to two redeeming qualities otherwise it was very much like the one star rating, however one star ratings will be few and far between because it will mean I hated the book whereas with two starts it means I didn’t like, enjoy, or understand it.

3 stars = It was okay, not the best book yet not the worst book I’ve ever read.

4 stars = I enjoyed this book very much however there were some minor flaws in the book. However it didn’t make me like the book any less.

5 stars = This book is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I will recommended it several times to everyone I know. I will buy 5689708 copies of this book (Or at least try to).

For my reviews from know on I will do them in a manner of:

What this book is about.

(If there is triggering subjects I will put it in there)

The description

I will be talking about the characters, plot, writing style, and pacing of the story.

If you want me to do an interview for you I will however I will have many questions (20+). So from there you can choose the questions you want to answer, answer all of them or anything else you want to do. You are also allowed to answer other questions which I may have not asked if you feel like it gets more information across. 

If you have any more questions than email me at my business email: and make sure to fill out the form above ^^^.