School and Book Buying Tips

Hey munchkins!!! How are you???? I am doing good, but I have decided to do this post today partly allowing me to vent and partly to tell you about some helpful book buying tips that I have accumulated and hope that help you.


  • So if you have been keeping up with my previous blog posts than you know that I am back in school.
  • School is killing me. I am getting so much homework that I have to do along with study for tests and than community college homework which has caused me to not post as frequently as I like but I hope to catch up soon.

Book Buying Tips:

  • Go on a book buying ban.
    • And yes I do know that it is unrealistic but I have this tip that I use that may be helpful to you.
      • Buy as many books as you want in a time span of a week and then from there don’t buy any books for the next two months allowing for you to savor those books yet keep some of your money in your wallet.
  • Exchange books with friends.
    • In which this allows you to continue reading until your heart and brain are full with joy yet not having to fork over 473581907 dollars and than have 753 books sitting on your bookshelves un-read.
  • Sell the books you have already read.
    • And by this I mean non-ARCs DO NOT SELL THOSE. But do sell the books you have bought to goodwill, a friend, a school, a library or even donate them.
    • It is a simple step yet many of us can’t seem to do it. And I am guilty of this too but if your house is overflowing with books and you don’t want to get rid of them JUST READ IT.
  • Turn down getting books.
    • If you have authors, publishers and anyone and everyone else coming to you to ask to read their book but you are already dying in the sea of books that you already have then just turn them down.
    • By no means am I saying to not support them but I am saying is to
      • Have a certain deadline to get all of the books you have finished.
      • Tell whoever is asking for you to read a certain book a specific time you will or should have it done by.

And that is all the advice I have for you folks. I hope you liked this post and don’t forget to comment, follow and like this 🙂

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