HalloReadAThon Announcement

Hello fellow Munchkins! How are you. So today I am announcing that me and a couple of my friends are hosting a readathon, The HalloReadAThon. Please read everything down below because we have the Blog/Youtube Challenges, Instagram Challenges and Reading sprints. As well as we have a Goodreads group. Please join and have fun 🙂

Blog/Youtube Challanges:

Day one: November TBR. Tell us what you are planning to read during these two weeks and even the rest of the month.

Day two: Favorite Fall Memory. Tell us your favorite fall memory in a blog post.

Day Three: Favorite November Releases. Tell us some of the books that are under hyped, over hyped, that you find interesting, E.T.C….

Day Four: Interview A Dead Character. In this post you will be doing whatever type of interview you may feel content with towards a DEAD character of your choosing.

Day Five: A Book About A Holiday That You Enjoy. In this post you will be telling us about a Holiday that you enjoy, and why. Or you can even do it about a Holiday that you didn’t enjoy.

Day Six: Favorite Scary Story. In this blog post you will be telling us about a favorite scary story of yours and why it is scary. Try and Scare us.

Day Seven: Books That We Are Thankful For. In the month of giving and thanking tell us a book that you are thankful for and why.

Day Nine: All Hallows Eve Book Tag. You answer the following questions on a blog/vlog brought to you by https://erisbookwonderland.wordpress.com

1.All Hallows Eve -Pick a book with a mask on the cover.
2. Who let the ghost out?- A book that gave you chills
3.Devil or Saint?- Favorite Good/Bad/Grey characters.
4.Fall into books- Book/s that put you into the fall sprit/mood
5.Cover Goals- Choose a book you bought because of the cover
6.Let’s give thanks- Book you are most thankful for have reading
7.Diversity- Pick a book whose main character’s culture is different from your own
8.The year’s almost over- Favorite book of 2017
9.It’s getting colder- Book you are hoping to read by the end of the year
10. Most anticipated release for 2018

Day Ten: Spooky book to movie adaptions. A Book to Movie Adaption That you didn’t like and why.

Day Eleven: Talk about a diverse concept that you love and why.

Day Twelve: 20 horrifying facts about you. Give us twenty facts about yourself, most of them being shocking.

Day Thirteen: December TBR. Tell us what your TBR for the next month will be.

Day Fourteen: ReadAThon Wrap-Up. As This is the last day tell us how much you read, what you did read, if you liked this, if we should do it again, E.T.C.

Make sure to participate and link everything in the following links back to us:


Blog Challenges

 Instagram challenges:

1.Book that we are thankful for.
2.Books with fall colors.
3.All souls day themed photo.
4.All saints day themed photo.
5.A book that you that you want bought and want to read but you never do.
6.Book over 500 pages.
7.Book we bought because of the cover.
8.Book heart.
9.Book rainbow.
10.Books and technology.
11.Throwback book: A book that got you into reading.
12.Favorite Character who died.
13.Favorite book.
14.A book that reminds you of your TBR and the never ending books that just keep on coming.
Instagram Challenges
These are the Instagram challenges and they go in the order they are said for the days.

The link to our twitter where we will be hosting reading sprints:

Our GoodReads Group is: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/326593-halloreadathon

Our Instagrams Are:

@thehufflepuffnerdette https://thehufflepuffnerdette.wordpre…
@ayenlovestoread https://thebookishneyaxx.wordpress.com
@creativetalent88 https://erisbookwonderland.wordpress.com
@its_a_reading_thing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWni…
@_in_a_world_of_my_own https://www.instagram.com/_in_a_world…

Also Please link all of you blog posts and youtube videos back to us so we can read/watch them. We will have twitter sprints on our Twitter account so make sure to follow that. Our GoodReads group has all of the challenges on there as well. We have announcements on our individual instagrams and we will be posting. Please also tag everything with #halloreadathon2k17


Tell me if you are going to join. If this sounds fun. How your month is going. And anything else 🙂

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