Set or Mood Reading?

Hellllllloooooo Munchkins. We are almost upon halloween and I can’t WAIT. ALL OF THAT FREE CANDY IT JUST MAKES ME TEETH ALREADY ACHE AND MY STOMACH QUESSY BUT really I am excited about halloween. So today I thought to do a discussion post one

*Drum roll please*


For me personally this is a little jiffy. As I do like to read on a set schedule so I can get reviews up on time yet reading depending on my mood can put off my WHOLE TBR AND RUNIN THE PROCESS BUT YET, I get to read a book that is set to my mood. Do you feel my dilemma? Yeah, you do *wink*

So just like my old pal from How I Met Your Mother Said, Lets get out our Pros and Cons list!!!!!!


  • PROS:
    • You get to feel the emotions on a more personal level depending on the mood you are in at the moment reading the story.
    • You get to go against your TBR and doesn’t everyone want to do that?
    • You get to read another book
    • AND MORE
  • CONS:
    • You get off your TBR and suddenly have 745368 books to read.
    • You get behind on blog posts on review.


  • PROS:
    • You get to stay to your TBR and heavens knows we need it all.
    • You get to do everything on time.
    • It makes you look and be professional.
  • CONS:
    • You don’t get to 100% get into the book emotionally all of the time.

Tell me what you thought of this post.


Also me and a couple of friends of mine are doing a readathon on twitter, blogs, instagram, Goodreads and youtube. Here are the blog challenges:

Blog Challenges.png

Instagram Challenges.png

If you have any questions please tell me in the comments and if you want to partake in the readathon which is the first two weeks of november then please link all of your entries to me down below.

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