YA Book Characters as MARVEL Characters

Hello my fellow little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well.

Tony Stark:

The person who I feel would fit his personality the best would be Warner. There is a LOT of reasons as to why I would choose Warner for Tony and Tony for Warner.

Firstly, the are both rich. They both were born into a high amount of wealth. Which even within a fictional world can help to influence the characters personality. They both had fathers of power. However, this comes to a little bit of a change in path as Warners father was cruel in so many ways to his son and others and for some Tonys farther can be seen the same of in a different light. Nevertheless, Tonys father still abused him in one form or another which influenced his personality.


Secondly, they are both so sarcastic. I feel like they would be the characters who would be constantly joking whether to make themselves more happy or to make others happy. I also feel like their sarcasm could be misinterpreted by someone else putting them into muddy waters.

Lastly, they both have father issues. If you have read Shatter Me, which I would hope you did then you know that Warners father is kinda a jerk and I hate him, he also appears to give off abusive vibes due to his overwhelming almost villainess within the book series. While, Tony’s father was well his father. There is a well known idea that he abused Tony and with his death (sorry if that was a spoiler) it brings upon us the concept of both of these characters having father issues.

I really don’t think anyone else would be able to fit this character better than Warner, but if you have any ideas put them down in the comments below.

Captain America:

I feel like the character Captain America is one of the characters who isn’t grey, he’s more black and white. Like when he thinks something is bad than its bad and if something is good its good. Nothing can be in between or white I would call grey, so because of that it makes it harder trying to find a character like him because most book characters are a mesh of the grey and not just the solid white and black lens. Honestly, I am still thinking and I cannot come up with a character who would fit Captain America. So if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below.


I feel like a character like Thor would have to be kinda new to the world in a way, but also strong, smart and loving. With me saying that, the character who I feel like who would fit would be Juliette from Shatter Me. I know it almost sounds like I am going through that series in terms of characters with my almost back to back answers.


However, even if you have read only the first couple of chapters from the book you know that Juliette has been placed in an area where she hasn’t been exposed to the world as it was in a long time so when she was able to leave and go back into the world it almost seemed like a parallel to when Thor left his home world as was placed onto earth. They are also very similar in the ways that they have their own unique power but they are still humble even if it may take some lessons to humble them along the way. Yet, they are seen as the best natural leaders as well.

Captain Marvel:

Captain Marvel is almost like every single YA female or female identifying character who has been pushed down because of their gender again and again. Not only from strangers but also from those who they think that they are close to. Along with that just like all female characters who have dealt with problems throughout their life, maybe from a loved one or maybe from someone who they thoughts was their friend. However, like some of the characters, Captain Marvel found friends and trust in someone who she didn’t think to befriend or trust, which has happened in many YA books.


I feel for a character to be like Valkyire they have to both be Selfless and to some extent Selfish in a way. They have to be willing to help others but also be able to be selfish in terms of sometimes prioritizing themselves over the others every once and a while. They also for sure have to be apart of LGBTQ+ in some way, and also a feminist.


I feel like one of the characters who would fit as Valkyire would be one of the YA book community most well known character, Magnus Bane. I feel like he ticks off every box but he is almost more selfless than selfish most of the time. Until he found his one true love after many years of his long life he didn’t fully know how to be selfish and selfless to the same extent.

Spider-Man/ Peter Parker:

The person who I thought would fit the best for this would be Percy Jackson. I mean the both have such a high level of sass. They are both very smart in their own ways. The both are suckers for the people that they love. Also they both put themselves at risk for the lives of others because they care so much. Also did I mention that they were both my crush when I was little so I have a higher chance to put those to together.


So for someone to be like Wanda they have to and I mean have to have a BIG AND I MEAN BIG HEART and to have dealt with a lot of trauma or just some form of trauma during their life; yet, they will also be able to find love in the midst of all of that.

Some characters that came to mind would be Starr Carter and Katniss Everdeen. The reason as to why Starr Carter would fit pretty much perfectly would be because as a Black woman she had to deal with a lot of problems such as racism and the loss of one of her best friends towards the police, yet through it all she came out stronger. Still that is a huge traumatic experience that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone both fictionally or in real life; yet, sadly it is a thing that still happens. If you click HERE, you will be directed towards a website that provides donations to many organizations that help over 70 community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers!


Also another reason as to why I choose Katniss Everdeen would be because she was pretty much forced into either letting her little sister die in a murder sport after her father already died in a mining accident in their district, then she was pretty much all alone most of the time, found someone she trusted and soon began to love and then lost him both physically and mentally. Until they were able to come back together again; yet, they still had to deal with such thing as PTSD which I would also except Starr Carter to have had during her experience in the book along with Katniss and Peeta who did suffer from PTSD shown in the ending of the books.



A part of me thinks that Kaz Brekker would be the perfect person to be Rocket or visa versa. The reasons as to why would be that the both had hardships within their life. The are both not looking for friendship but more money. They also would both want revenge on the people who hurt them and now their new found friends.

Also did I mention that just like Rocket, Kaz finds friends that he didn’t want be ends up getting because of the big heist that they are doing. I mean heck the are both doing heists. What other person would better fit Rocket than Kaz or the other way around???

Winter Solider/ Bucky Barnes:

The person who I would put as Bucky would be Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses. The reason as to why is because they both care about the people that they love. However, they both went through a huge amount of bad things throughout their life. While they are both different with what they suffered with, they have both went through so much pain. That is all I am going to say on this area because I really don’t want to spoil the book incase you haven’t read it.

If you have any ideas on YA book characters that are like MARVEL character, either the ones I mentioned or some that I didn’t please let me know! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you liked this please let me know in the comments whether to do more posts like this!!!


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