Mother of Wolves by J Aislynn D’Mericksson Review

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Mother of WolvesMother of Wolves (Evalyce Worldshaper #1)
By J Aislynn d’Merricksson
Genre: Sci-fi/ fantasy/ arcanepunk
Age category: Adult
Release Date: July 2, 2015

It is a year of awakening and change for Kalla kyl’Solidor – the Wolf Who Sleeps. After a fire wyvern attacks her home, she sets on a harsh path to self-discovery.

With the future of their world at stake, Kalla and her magister embark on a journey that will shake the foundations of De Sikkari and shape their destiny.

From the depths of Xibalba to the plains of Arkkadia, and the soaring heights of the sky continent of Argoth, they journey to claim their rightful place in the world, and to put an end to the source of the destruction before chaos claims the realm.

Book 1 of 4 in the Evalyce: Worldshaper series


  •  This is a very different book compared to others.
    • The setting in which it takes place in is very magical realm which at first may be hard for readers but as you continue to read it seems to get easier.
    • Some of the name of people and objects are hard to read or say but it is nothing new to this genre of books.
  • This story is very plot driven instead of character driven.
    • In this case it was very well suited for the book.
    • It did end on a cliffhanger but it wasn’t one that made me go into a book slump with anger because I don’t have the next one on hand.
    • This is definitely a book I would recommend to fantasy readers of any kind when they are in the mood to read this type of book.
  • The author definitely put her time into this wonderful piece of work.
    • The characters relationships were very well fleshed out and were wonderful to read.
    • The magic the author added into this book with the storytelling factor made for a great read.
  • In conclusion, This is a great read but sadly it wasn’t my favorite.


 You can find Mother of Wolves on Goodreads

You can buy Mother of Wolves here on Amazon

J Aislynn d'MerrickssonAbout the Author:

Allemerra! That’s ‘hello’ in Argosian. Argoth is one of the countries of the world of De Sikkari, where my Evalyce novels take place. It is a vibrant world, as real to me as the mundane world here. The ‘J’ in my name stands for Julianna, but I prefer Aislynn.

I have a degree in anthropology you see. I approach my writing from the viewpoint of an anthropologist. My sister calls me a ‘biblioanthropologist’. I like the word. It fits perfectly! What are writers but consummate anthropologists? Writers must employ the skills of the ethnographer, the cultural anthropologist, the archaeologist, the linguist, and sometimes even the psychologist and the naturalist in order to weave their stories. I do not craft this world. I merely found the key to it and happen to have the skills (and courage) to share it with others.

I was destined for a career in forensic anthropology. A medical issue thwarted those plans and I ended up with a bachelor’s in archaeology, and later a master’s and a doctorate in philosophy. Along the crooked path away from what I found familiar, and into the unknown, I discovered a knack for poetry, and a gift for writing. I’ve honed these raw skills to something worth sharing, and found the key to a world I’ve fallen in love with.

There was a decade-long love affair with teaching, in which I crafted many of my own classes related to mythic studies, anthropology, archaeology, and ethics. My favourite class crafting was for an intro to mythology class. I did not want a boring listing such as Intro to Mythology. So…. I tweeted several famous people, authors, actors, and the like, the question- what would you name a class on mythology if you wanted to be creative. The last person I ever expected to respond was Mark Sheppard (Crowley on Supernatural. His response was ‘Bob’. So I took the challenge, and in the end, I had a class called BoB, a gift from the King of Hell. The full name was Blessing of Bragi, Bragi being the poet and keeper of stories in Norse mythology.

An observant person may notice that my eyes are heterochromatic. One is blue and one is hazel. Now, true heterochromia is rare. In my case it is a personal choice. That medical issue was a serious one. At the age of twenty, I lost my right eye and had prosthesis put in. That gave me the opportunity to express my eccentricity and insist on an eye that was a different colour. It also forced me to confront one of my greatest fears- that of losing my eyesight altogether.

I think I have Loki to thank for that. I follow a Norse spiritual path called Rokkatru. Brother Wildfire always has lessons for me. Fun fact-Loki is also known as the Lord of Laughter. My lessons generally are to teach me to laugh at the mild or major setbacks in life. It’s a lesson I’m slowly learning.

My crooked path has led me to a wonderful home in Northern California, where I live with my sister, bond-brother, bond-mate, niece, a guinea pig, and two kitty cats. Yes, we have a large house! Sometimes it feels a little crowded, but most often it is nice to have the closeness of family.

I spend my nights as an innkeep, which usually gives me ample time to write, or to read. I love to read! I was an early reader and I always have a book with me. That’s a passion that lead me to becoming a professional book reviewer, freelancing for several review groups such as the San Francisco Book Review. Such bliss! Paid to read! What could be better?

Synmerra! That’s good-bye in Argosian 🙂

Feel free to stop by Port Jericho! Always happy to see new people.

You can find and contact J Aislynn d’Merricksson here:
Creativia page
Creativia Mother of Wolves

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Excerpt 3

This one held the twin-headed wolf from the paintings. As they
entered, the giant ink-black wolf rose to its haunches, ears pricked
forward. Beyond the wolf, they could see the continuation of the
passage. Bones littered the chamber, a mute testament to those
foolish enough to try their luck. Kalla could sense that some of the
bones had once belonged to magi, explaining what had happened to
some of the missing ones. Not all of the bones littering the chamber
were human either. Among the scattered remnants, Kalla glimpsed what
looked to be a dragon’s skull, save that it was far too small. Close to it
lay a wickedly curved claw unlike any she was familiar with.
“We are Garm, guardian of Xibalba. We give you this chance. Turn
back. Once we ask our question an answer must be given and payment
exacted.” Amber eyes blinked slowly in the magelight.
“What payment, great Garm?” Kalla asked.
“Answer correctly and you may pass unscathed. Answer incorrectly
and you will join the bones of those who came before. No answer is
considered a wrong answer. Each of you must answer the same
question, according to your own hearts,” Garm rumbled.
Kalla shared a look with the others. Vander’s ears drooped, and he
rubbed his head against her leg for assurance. Aleister merely gave
her a mischievous grin. The Sky Fox was by far the more confident of
the two. From deep within, the mage felt some of the locks shift, ever
so slightly. She stood tall, meeting the guardian’s amber gaze.
“Very well, we will answer,” Kalla said, low and calm. Garm merely
blinked at her again.
“As you will..” the left head sighed.
“What are three things of greatest value in the world, past, present
and future?” the other growled.
Kalla pondered the question for a moment. Many answers tumbled
through her mind and she discarded them all. Too predictable. She let
her mind wander and images flashed past. Warryn and Shelk, hunched
over books in the Archives. Hauss, the gruff Arkaddian attempting to
teach a young Kalla how to play the thunderdrums. Amaterasu, swooping
around the S tymphalian. Aleister, just after he’d reappeared from
Inari’s temple. Vander, lying on the stone table, at the mercy of the
“Friendship,” Kalla said softly. She wasn’t aware that she’d shared
the thoughts with the others until she felt Vander press against her
leg. To the other side, Aleister placed a comforting hand on her
shoulder. The mage lay a hand to the frost wolf’s head and with her
other covered Aleister’s, squeezing it gently.
“ Acceptance.” The frost wolf’s quiet mindvoice carried more
confidence than it had before. He now stood alert and calm. Apparently
Garm could hear Vander as well because the left head gave a nod.
“A second chance,” Aleister’s lilting voice followed on the heels of
Vander’s answer.
Garm lowered his heads, till they were level with Kalla’s. She held
her ground, fighting the urge to back up.
“Why?” the twin muzzles growled out.

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