Rainbow Read-A-Thon Day Six: Diverse Books

Hey little munchkins! Today is the last day before the last day. So for this challenge we are supposed to write about diverse book. So I have read two that I love deeply.  One being Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZbnik, which I wrote a book review on. It is based on growth and change two sisters go through, one who has autism and the other who doesn’t.

I also read The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas. And just let me tell you IT WAS AMAZING. I WAS LAUGHING AND CRYING AND YELLING AND FANGIRLING AND JUST IN A ALL OVER MESS DURING THE BOOK. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT THE YOU NEED TO SOON. The book talks about such important things that are happening in the real world today and I think anyone of any age can read this.

Due to me not wanting to spoil any part of either of these books I suggest you read the synopsis on the book or watch a spoiler free review on it on booktube. Screenshot_2017-06-17-21-12-31

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