HELLO LITTLE MUNCKINSS. Okay so to all The Mortal Instrument readers out there who watch the show, including me, for a majority have a different views on the show. Some good and some bad. But now thing we can all agree on is that MALEC IS EVERYTHING. AND THAT MATTHEW DADDARIO AND HARRY SHUM JR. SHOULD … More Shadowhunters


Okay little Munckins. I have came up with some problems that I have experienced as a book lover/ worm. Please comment below if you have these same issues or any others. Never having enough books. Having so many books on your TBR that it can, will and at some point has literally crushed you. Eating … More #BOOKWORMPROBLEMS

Reading Habits Tag

Hey little Muchkins. How are you? I am doing the Reading Habits Tag by: MyBooksSenses. 1.) Do you have a certain place for reading?  I personally do not have a certain place that I read however I do like to read while sitting on my couch or bed. 2.) Bookmark Or Random Piece Of Paper? … More Reading Habits Tag

Rainbow Read-A-Thon Day Two: Getting To Know The Blogger.

  Hello there my little munchkins. How are you. I am fine thanks for asking. So for this challenge the purpose is to introduce yourself and you can state all of your hoses, cabins, E.T.C. So I am from Zeus cabin which makes 100% sense since I am very much like him in certain areas … More Rainbow Read-A-Thon Day Two: Getting To Know The Blogger.