Review of Murder the March Hare

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murder the march hare

Author: H. Lyall

Genre: Suspense or Thriller

Pages: 348

Publisher: Crystal Peake Publisher

Publishing Date: July 17th, 2020

Description according to Goodreads, “Cosmo knows he’s crazy, his homicidal squirrel tells him so every day. Not that Bandit has to, he just likes reminding him of the facts of the situation. After living at Wellspring Hospital for the last two years not much has changed for Cosmo. His pills are still rainbow coloured, therapy is still a bore, and above all he isn’t getting better. Bandit’s trying to help him too, but the dead body he brought him seems to be causing problems. In an attempt to understand what’s going on behind the secure walls the crazies band together and search for a murderer. However, it’s easier said than done when you don’t know what’s real. Maybe it’s easier? Maybe, just maybe, the only people who can find the truth are those that have to question everything.”


also sorry for the weird formatting. i wrote this on my phone instead of my computer.

when starting this book, it was a little hard to get into. the reason was to why would be because it’s told in first person so you’re immediately thrown into their point of view but specifically their own thoughts 💭 another reason as to why it was a little difficult was because you didn’t know why or the reasons as to why they were thinking said thoughts. however, once you find out within the first chapter that the main character is seeing a malicious misery’s squirrel it kinda throws you off your rocks, if that makes any sense.

the description of the squirrel to be frank is very weird, i personally would never think to try and make a squirrel or any animal human like or sexualize it in any way.

i personally am very strong on dialogue. it’s my favorite part of any book and almost makes or breaks it for me. so when reading this book it was a huge disappointment to have the dialogue fall flat on its face with all of the characters. it also appeared that each of the characters had the same tone in terms of dialogue, making it more difficult to tell them apart, and for those who may skim almost impossible to tell apart.

while i don’t see anything in terms of visions, i do appreciate it. i just wish it was written in a different manner instead of being almost jokingly as it leaves you with a little bit of a sour taste when reading. if instead it was written with the main character seeing another person, and told in a serious manner and dealt with in a professional way. then this book would have been so much better.

in conclusion, while this book would be fine for maybe young ones who understood the concept of the book, but who also have been educated about people who may see visions. sadly, i did not personally enjoy it and wouldn’t recommend it. however if you like the synopsis i say go and give it a try ☺️

Where to Buy the Book:

Amazon – Paperback/Kindle

Barnes and Noble – Paperback/Nook


Description according to Goodreads, “Heather currently divides her time between writing novels and studying her BSc in Nursing. If the above author cannot be found behind a computer, chances are she’s avoiding people and work by wondering around the local woods thinking about dragons. However, she can be lured back to the screen with the promise of tea, and in an emergency, biscuits of the custard cream variety. Based in the Medway Towns, Heather lives with her partner Robert and their small tea pot collection. Murder The March Hare is Heather’s debut novel.”

Where to Find the Author:




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