Review of Inside the Sun by Alexis Marie Chute (SPOILER FREE)

Hello my fellow little munchkins! How are you doing? I am doing okay, I am still healing from my 4th bone marrow biopsy so YAY!  Please notice the sarcasm, but besides that I have been trying to finish the last big homework assignment from this year. Well the last assignment from my whole entire high school career. Wow, that sounds kinda weird. But anyways, I am really happy that I am finally graduating. I have been waiting for this day since before 8th grade.

Anyways, I wanted to do a spoiler free review for this whole series, but since this is the last book in the series this is the vaguest I am going to be when talking about the book. I would highly suggest checking out my review on the first book, Above The Star, and the second book, Below The Moon, by just clicking the title or scrolling through my page.

Now why don’t we get into this review?

woman-standing-on-water-greeting-card- inside the sun book novel 8th island trilogy alexis marie chute

Author: Alexis Marie Chute

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi and Fantasy with a Romantic side plot

Pages: 384

Publisher: Sprak Press

Publishing date: April 21st, 2020

Description according to Goodreads, All worlds are dying, and it’s up to one broken and dysfunctional family from Earth—the Wellsleys—to save the day.

Cancer-ridden Ella celebrates her fifteenth birthday beneath an enchanted mountain, but it is what lies even farther below—the mysterious Star in the sea—that demands she grow up quickly. While Ella grapples with the sacrifice she must make and the lies she is forced to tell, her mother, Tessa, is hell-bent on protecting her.

Through bizarre encounters, love-sick Tessa realizes that she is not the lonely orphan she believes. Her husband, Arden, and father-in-law, Archie, are not the only ones with magical bloodlines. This revelation changes everything.

As Archie chooses to embody his unexpected ancestry, he learns that leading the charge in the ultimate battle against evil won’t be as easy as he thought. He’ll need his family—and the strange allies he has gained—by his side to give Ella enough time to set things right.

Can they defeat the unstoppable Millia sands—and another unexpected foe—before everything they hold dear is destroyed? Or will their adventure tear them apart for good? The finale to The 8th Island Trilogy will hold you spellbound until the final page, and long after.”

Short Spoiler Free Review:

Firstly, I would like to apologize for such a short review. I will say it again if you didn’t read it above but I want to make this a spoiler free review so it will be the most vague but I would highly recommend reading the other two books in the trilogy before reading this review. Or at least reading my other reviews to get a proper ideology of this book series.


I loved the ending to the story. I really felt like it came all together in a perfect circle. I enjoyed growing with the characters and having the chance to do that, along with witnessing the trials and tribulations that each member of the main family went through along with new characters that were introduced within the new sci-fi world as well. Each character was able to grow in their own personal way; however, I felt more closely connected to Ella as she went through a whole unworldly scenario while also combating an illness.

Each and every character had an important role within the plot which sometimes isn’t shown in most books. Yet, I personally love the easy ability to get into the book. As long as you remember the plot of the book before you can easily continue the world. You don’t need that 30 second episode recap of what happened before which I personally believe shows the true writing abilities of the author. As you continue with the books the action picks up at a faster rate by each chapter and each book which is similar to watching the marvel movies, if you know what I mean.


Of course, I am a sucker for a good romance and this book series provided it in two ways. One as a new love, a first love, a blooming love that one would experience due to falling for a crush. The other though is an old love an ancient love, a family love. Those two forms of loves are the main side plot of the story which was very enjoyable. From what I read there was no errors I could see and it was told with some pictures. So like, why aren’t you reading it yet! You need to!

4/5 stars

Places To Buy The Book:

Amazon (paperback)

Amazon (kindle)

Barnes and Nobles (paperback)

Book Depository (paperback)

Indie Bound

Information About The Author:

Alexis Marie Chute 2018 Artist Author Filmmaker Curator Public Speaker

According to Alexis Marie Chute’s Website: “ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE is a free-spirited and award-winning artist, author, photographer, filmmaker, curator and public speaker with a tendency to burst into song. She’s a mama bear to four children, but is more like a big kid herself. Often underestimated for her goofy and whimsical personality—she’s been described as “awkward but charming”—Alexis is a ground-breaking outside-the-box innovator, storyteller, and cultural connector.

Alexis endured devastating loss and escaped a cult-experience, only to rise from the ashes as a resilient badass who embraces her (many) flaws and empowers others to joyfully do the same. Proud escape room junkie and underdog, Alexis writes the script for new ways of thinking and being in the world today.

Alexis has always believed there is more to life than what we can see in our daily grind. Schoolyard bullying forced her to understand who she is and what she stands for from a young age. Since then, she’s been on an almost four decade search for meaning. Her adventures have taken her around the world, into temples and churches, between the covers of hundreds of books, in front of audiences as small as one and as large as four hundred, with experiments in as many creative materials as you can name. She is a wellspring of inspiration and energy.

Alexis Marie Chute invites you to live large on a spirit-level and infuse meaning into every area of your life. She encourages creative and mindful living. Join her on this amazing journey.”

Where to Contact the Author:









In accordance with FTC guidelines/regulations for bloggers and endorsements, please note that all the books reviewed on this blog were either purchased by me or provided to me by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review and nothing else. I gain nothing in return for the review other than the book itself. 

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