Books as Wild as Riverdale

Books As Wild As Riverdale

Hello my fellow little munchkins! How are you all doing? I am doing pretty well. I was looking at a bunch of tweet and than this idea came to mind. why not talk about book as wild as the show Riverdale. Not as bad as Riverdale but I mean wild. Cause every time you here about Riverdale you’re like “who wrote that?’ or “who the nrguibdn came up with that idea?”

Anyways, without further ado let’s get into this post!



When I first read this book I went into it with an open mind; however, the farther I got in it the weirder and weirder it got to me. And by weird I mean crazy. Some of the reasons why that most of the main characters that were there didn’t even need to be there. Then on top of that some of the characters were a complete joke. Like, Riverdale crazy type of joke. To expand on this point some of the characters were beginning to be crafted into almost real people form, but then all of a sudden the characters as a whole would take a full 180 degrees into the fakest people you know.

There are also so many other reasons that I can rant about why that this book is as crazy as Riverdale. But if you want to see what that is than you can check out my review HERE.

Red Queen:

So, I am not trying to diss the plot because it is entering, but the plot is kinda weird if we really think about it. But the reason why I am considering this is because of the plot mainly. You think that it all goes ones way and then BOOM all of a sudden it changes. Yet, unlink with regular books it takes a full 180 spin about 2134 times so everything is always changing.


With everything always changing it makes it difficult to keep up with what is going on and causes confusion. This in turn is related towards Riverdale because each and every single episode of Riverdale is confusing and with the show still continuing it just keeps on getting worse.

The only difference with this book series and the show that is clear is that at least the books are entreating in their own unique, weird way. Whereas the show of Riverdale is just a big pile of garbage, if I am being honest.

The Mortal Instruments Series (Spoiler Warning) :

Okay, so please don’t burn me or cast a spell on me for bringing this book series up. The reason as to why I am bringing it up is due to the entire incest plot. Honestly, I am still confused as to why Cassandra Clare would use that to further the plot in any way. Plus with the way that the book was written, it romanticized it.

Plus, the book series didn’t even romanticize it once with two people, but twice with another set of people. If you remember back to the beginning of the book you have the whole thing with Jace Herondale and Clary Fray and then towards the ned of the story you have the same thing again but with Jonathan. Plus, bringing up the fact that Jonathan knew that he was the sibling to Clary and still kissing her was just šŸ¤¢


But really, like I am saying the whole incest plot is just totally inexcusable and I don’t know why we have brushed that off as a fandom and still allowed for that to have happened. Also it is completely inexcusable that people were shipping Clary and Jace when they still thought that they were related.

All in all the book could have had something completely different in the plot compared to this major plot line. But because of that plot line it makes it just as insane or even more than Riverdale.

The Selection:

This is almost like a good kind of crazy. The reason why this book series is being brought up is because of the plot. Just like all the other books you either have a crazy author, a crazy plot, crazy characters, or all of the above. This specific one is mainly focusing within the plot.


With this being a series of books, there was so much that had happened that created this crazy plot. The book series could have easily been one or two books compared to how many books that the character wrote.

What really made this series hit the list was the last book in the series. The last book if you didn’t already know was based on a daughter of two of the characters from the book series. The way that this book was written was heavily confusing along with how the whole process was taken during the last book. I hope what I am saying makes sense but if not please let me know and I could fix it.

13 Reasons Why (Spoiler Warning, TW for Rape and Suicide):

OKAY, so first of all this book is completely fucked up. But what made it worse was the TV show and how the excused certain behavior. The way everyone treated the main character was just messed up in soooooooo many ways. But what made it worse was that everyone excused it and didn’t do anything until they were cornered, which is just wrong in 462379 different direction; at least in my own opinion.


But what made everything even worse after that was how carelessly they treated the TV show towards the population. There was so many chances that they could have prevented certain things such as people romanticizing killing themselves but instead they did nothing because they wanted to make a profit. Also showing everything without any trigger warning was the worst possible decision that they could have made E V E R!

I could continue to rant about everything that they did wrong with the TV show even though this post is supposed to be talking about the books. But I think that you get the general idea of what I am saying and what I feel about this topic.

Anyways, that’s the end of the post. Please let me know if you enjoyed it or not. Or if you agreed with some of the book and why or if you didn’t and why not. I hope to hear from you in my next blog post


2 thoughts on “Books as Wild as Riverdale

  1. I agree with most of these (I ignored Zenith because of the reviews). When it comes to the Selection I like to pretend that the second trilogy (it is a trilogy, right?) didn’t happen and just have the first three books as my guilty pleasure reads.

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    1. I think it was 4 books and then that weird fifth but honestly I haven’t read it in so long and it wasn’t as memorable for me to remember.

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