Orion’s Awakening by Leon Jospeh Review

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Author: L.C.M. Joseph

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 209

Publisher: Self-Published

Publishing date: April 29th, 2018

Description according to Goodreads, “What would you do if the life you live has all been a lie? Sixteen-year-old Orion is about to find out, As his world is thrown into turmoil When he finds out that the stars are his home and that he is destined to rule over a kingdom his world is thrown into chaos as he must leave everything he knows behind and risks losing himself and his humanity to save magical races he never knew existed. With the help of his newfound companion, Orion must embark on a journey to dangerous new places and take on an unknown evil that seeks to take over his kingdom.”


This book is very different from the books that I usually read. It follows the main character through discovering himself, why certain things are happening to him and as to why he is different from everyone else he knows.

I love the aspect of family in this but I would have loved to have seen the more maternal relationship that the character could have had in more depth. However, I still deeply enjoyed the book.

The book is extremely descriptive which is good if you are into books that go into a more plot and setting type of focus compared to a more character centered focus which personally I didn’t care for. Since it is a fantasy book the description was necessary and helped as otherwise you would have been confused about the world but at a certain point it felt like too much for me and I ended up taking longer to read the book as I was becoming disinterested.

The author was brilliant in telling and showing us the characters personalities which made the book much better as it balanced the amount of description that was in the book. You were able to understand why the characters were acting the way that they were in that moment compared to other stores where you didn’t figure that out until you got closer to the ending.

This book is a wonderful book to read for all you sci-fi and fantasy nerds out there, especially those who love talking and learning about the stars!

3/5 stars

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According to Goodreads, ” I have always been passionate about writing and growing up within the care system I found it a good outlet. I found the inspiration for my first novel when my Grandma passed away, I needed a way to help me cope with what was going on and the Star Magic series was born.”

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