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Hello my fellow little munchkins! How are you all doing? I am doing well! I am going out to shop today so I hopefully am able to get some cute clothes for when school starts in two weeks. I mean I know it isn’t this coming week but the following well. I am still super sad about going back to school though.

I really loved my summer break even though it may not even be considered a break since I did community college classes. But still I was able to read some books, do some blog posts, start my bookstagram, do school and research some colleges by states so I feel accomplished a little bit in that area even though I still feel majorly behind everyone else in every other aspect.

I found this book tag on Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day which you can find HERE. Now, why don’t we get into this tag already! You may even find a book or two that you have read or also want to read!!!


What book cover make you think of summer?

A book cover that makes me think of summer would have to be Unpregnant by Jenni Hendricks and Ted Caplin.

If you want to read my review on this book where I go into an in depth discussion about this book and every element within it then click HERE.


What book has brightened your day?

The book Wilder Girls by Rory Power has brightened my day. I mean it is a creepy, weird, but dystopian like sci-fi book that is just so twisted but amazing. Anyways, this book brightened my day because of the content and the relationship within the book.

You can check my review but more like praise and excitement of this book and I really hope that you all check it out and then read it and come back to me and tell me everything you thought about it. You can check out the review/praise rant HERE.


Name a book with yellow on it?

Please Send Help (I Hate Everyone But You #2) by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin is a cover with yellow all over it. I honestly only loved the color from this book. There was major problems that I had while reading this book and you can read the full in-depth review of it if you click HERE.

36502054 (2).jpg

What is your favorite summer beach read?

My favorite summer beach read would probably have to be the Sea Witch by Sarah Henning just because it is all based around the sea and has all the whimsical aspects of fantasy mixed with the horror elements of siren like mermaids compared to the standard disney mermaid.

Which action book has you running for the ice cream man?

ALL OF THEM? I am kidding. I wouldn’t run for the ice cream man I would just go to the grocery store and by myself a whole entire pint of ice cream and than eat it myself. Rules for Vanishing though even if it isn’t a ‘action’ book it still has the aspects in it which make the book extremely enjoyable.

What book has left you with a bad ending?

This would once again have to be Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsey Cummings. I mean I think that this will never change. My ever loving hate of this book will remain strong and if it ever changes than I will be super surprised myself. The ending of the book was just as bad as the rest of the book and just I would never recommend my enemies to read this book.


What book gave you the happiest ending when it ended?

The Infinite Noise left me with such happy ending that I don’t think I would be able to vocalize how much I loved that book right now just thinking about it. The book even though it was an introduing into the world I wished it had some more fantasy aspects into it but besides that there wasn’t a thing that I didn’t love about. If anything I just wished that I had the next book already in the series out so I could read that. You can check out my review of the book HERE.

What book cover remind your of a sunset?

Most book covers don’t remind me of a sunset but one book that does would be the book Geekerella. The cover just has that luminous aspect on it and with the added touches of the food truck it just helps to remind me of a sunset. If you want to see a picture of this book then you should go check my instagram out and it will be in my feed with some wonderful other aspects in the post as well.


What is one book series that you hope to read this summer?

One book series that I hoped to read this summer was Shatter Me which I did and was extremely happy with for myself. It felt like a huge step in my reading world. Plus the book was written fantastically and the characters were to die for ESPICALLY KENJI. WARNER MAY BE EVERYONES BUT KENJI IS MINE AND I WILL DIE ON THAT!!!

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