What Makes You Put A Book Down?

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Hello my fellow little munchkins! How are you all doing? I am doing well! I am trying to catch up on all my sleep yesterday, today and the rest of the weekend before going back to community college again. I am really sad because I found out that I am going back to high school on July 29th and wow does that feel like no time at all has passed. Really my summer has flashed before my eyes.

After Reading The Roaring Bookworms blog post ‘What makes you pick up a book‘ I thought of doing a spin on that question and asking what makes you put down a book?

Anyways, why don’t we get into this topic already!

All The Online Hype:


SO…….you’re new to the book community! You at one point or another HAVE seen the online book twitter hype of books and if you haven’t then stop reading this post and go check it out because it is no stopping. Always continuous. Always there.

Anyways, the online community really is great but sometimes there may be a book that everyone is in love with and then you decide to go out and get the book, read it and see what everyone loves about it so much. But, lets’s say you didn’t like the book. THAT’S OKAY! 

This has happened to me before and if it hasn’t happened to you than it will at some point in your time as a reader and apart of the book community. The book that this happened to me was the Illuminae Files. I got the book after hearing about it on booktube, book twitter, bookstagram. You think it than it was being hyped there. SO I got the book, started reading it and ended up not liking the way it was written, it was nothing about the content but after about 30 pages I just couldn’t continue reading that book no matter how many time I tired.

Sometimes everyone may be loving a book but that doesn’t mean you have to read it, OF COURSE try it if you can but don’t feel obligated to continue reading it if it will put you in a reading slump, or may harm you mentally or emotionally.

A Misleading Premise:

I have gotten a couple books where I thought they were going to be a specific thing and then ended up being completely different which was a serious let down. This can mean many things such as maybe there is harmful material within the book that was not mentioned in any content or trigger warning and led to not be within the book but is. It can also mean that while the book was written in one way it is written in a whole other way. It can also mean that while the book is set to be a specific thing it goes either 90 or 180 degree spin onto it.

For example, when I read the book Zenith it was led to be written in a specific way with two authors but when I was reading it the writing style ended up being all lumped together like two different piles of play dough. Also, there was no content warnings going into the book for what was portrayed to be mentions and a scene of rape, and sexual assault (please remember that I have read this book for over a year) but because of that I ended up having to put the book down for my own mental health.

A misleading premise while not often is a VERY UNDERSTANDABLE reason to why you need to put a book down and move onto a better book. Remember there are always better fish in the sea.

Authors Behavior:


Some authors well aren’t the best. By that I mean the authors who are like J.K. Rowling who are hurting people day in and day out through their selfish behaviors.

An authors behavior has a VERY BIG impact in the book community and that goes both ways. If they are kinda like how this hug mass of the YA book community is and is accepting in all manners than they are more accepted, than compared to authors how make fun of/trash/humiliate/bully/lazily write or incorporate certain aspects into a book such as sexuality, race, gender, disabilities, and many more.

An authors actions just like the editor, cover artist and publisher all impact why someone may pick up or put down a book. For me there has been a couple times when I have stopped reading certain authors books, have gave them to goodwill or places like half price books.

Luckily, this hasn’t happened to me for a couple months now and I hope to keep it that way but how an author act both in public and on social media in the long run does have a change to the sales of their book/s.



When I look at my bookshelves I want to see books that I both like for the content inside as well as outside. For me it’s like ordering food. If you asked for it cooked a certain way and to have some quality presentation while paying a sum of money you want it to be worth that sum of money.

You don’t want something that while looks pretty is disgusting but sometimes (in our selfish habits) don’t want something that doesn’t look appealing. For me once again it would be like getting food. You may have the best tasting food in the world but if it looks like someone smeared poop around the plate then you wouldn’t want to eat it.

lets-chat-2Have any of the reasons above been a reason as to why you put a book down? Do you have any other reasons as to why you may put a book down? Do you try not to put a book down?

12 thoughts on “What Makes You Put A Book Down?

  1. First, I am so in love with this post! I have never seen anything like it and it was a pleasure to read. I have very similar reasons to you as to why you put a book down! I think that for me (around covers) if I love the content but hate the cover, I’ll give away the book and order the book with a nicer cover, or put black paper carefully over the cover and spine and write the title real neatly on the spine and cover, and if I can, put some awesome fanart on the front 🙂


  2. I love this post!! I can relate to ALL of these problems- if the author acts up, then I definitely get put off, and JK Rowling is such a good example 😛 also, premises for sure. I recently read a book that was billed as a sci fi adventure and ended up being a steamy romance… not sure how that ended up happening!

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    1. I am so glad and sorry that you can relate. I am glad because I’m not alone but I’m a little sad because I wish you didn’t have to go through the same things as I did. Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  3. I honestly hate when a book’s synopsis is misleading, I think almost any book I’ve rated 2 stars on GR has been because the book was not at all what it said it was going to be. It really grinds my gears, also, if a book has a huge amount of romance and it wasn’t advertised as a romance at all -again with the misleading- I can get awkward when I don’t expect an intimate scene and it will have me looking around to make sure no one can see my smut lolol

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    1. OH MY same. I have read a book like that at school and it was just 😬 but for I just really hate when a book is like that especially when someone else doesn’t tell me about it but is recommending the book.

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  4. This is a really nice idea for a post!!
    Umm I think for me what makes me put down a book is Ofcourse, yes book covers. I can’t stand book covers which feature the name of a girl or a shirtless guy or some sexual thing happening. I just find it trashy. And I also don’t like slow plot lines. Aaaaahhhhhh they infuriate me to no end!!


      1. Read my favourite half night stand if you like best friend-turned-lovers trope. Also the Unexpected everything and Save the Date by Morgan Matson, I’ve heard is really really hilarious! I’m actually gonna try read that next maybe.
        The Friend Zone and Fix Her Up (new releases so I haven’t gotten to them yet but they’re all over internet this summer)

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