Characters That Need A Book Just For Them

Characters that need a book just for them

Hello my fellow little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. I have been reading my textbooks like crazy for the past few days just because the classes are intensified at the community college I am going to right now. I am going to take senior photos today which sucks because I have to wake up so early. But hopefully they will turn out amazing.

Anyways, why don’t we get into this post already?

Kenji Kishimoto from SHATTER ME:

First of all if you don’t think that this character deserves a book just dedicated to me then leave because he does. I mean if you have read the Shatter Me series then you absolutely know the pure amount of sarcasm and bad bitch energy behind him that needs to be spread with the entire world.

Honestly, when I was reading the shatter me series I just kept on thinking on how he needed a book just for him which in then turned towards this blog post!

But seriously some of the things that he said were just AMAZING and

Cho Chang from HARRY POTTER:


Cho Chang was a character from the Harry Potter Series who was majorly screwed over by J.K. Rowling.

Cho Chang was shown as an overly obsessed character when it comes towards boys and then in turn was shown as a whiny character when something happened to one of those characters. She should have been written through a different perspective to display the true amazing-ness of her all together.

Cho Chang really was an amazing character who was display human emotions and who lost major people in her life. The treatment of this character should have been better taken care of and gone into more in depth. She really just deserves a whole book written by an author who actually cares enough about this character.

While all the females in the Harry Potter series were major screwed over such as Fleur I think that Cho Chang was the character that J.K. Rowling really screwed over.

Isabelle Lightwood from TMI:

Isabelle Lightwood is really THAT bitch and while we got some scenes with her I felt like it wasn’t enough. We really need a whole entire book to fit in all of the bad bitch energy she is carrying around. I am it would be like having behind the set scenes except it isn’t a movie, it would be a book.

But the whole thing comes back around to it being a book just around Isabelle Lightwood and her life when she was little to past where the books are at right now.

Abraham Louis Greenfeld aka BLUE :

I would have loved to read a book through Blue also known as Abraham Louis Greenfield from Simon vs The Homosapien Agenda opinion just so I would have seen everything from his view. Plus it would have been THAT much better because we would know everything that would be going on.

Zoya Nazyalensky from the GRISHAVERSE:


So if you have read any of the books in the Grishaverse you would have heard her name at one point or another. In the first 3 books which are Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising are all books that she was heavily in.

She is a heavily underrated character due to where she started at the beginning of the first book and the conflict she continuously had with the main character even though she was loyal to the end to the main character.

Zoya really deserves her own book dedicated to her firstly because she has been in and mentioned in so many of the books that we really could’ve had a book just based upon her. Secondly, she is such a loyal character in any situation but especially when it came towards helping out good when it is Good VS. Evil.

Lastly, Zoya has been through so much shit that she really deserves something good in her life and at least being able to go more into her life in the present and the future it would have given the readers a more likelihood of a chance to see her as a main character and in turn wouldn’t be as underrated as she is,

Bone Carver from ACOTAR:

If any of you have gotten this far then I hope you known who the Bone Carver is. The Bone Carver is according to Fandom, ” . . .chthonic immortal being of immense power from another dimension that the Prythian Fae refer to as one of their “Old Gods “.

This character held so much power both in general and in the sarcastic and witty manner that the Bone Carver possessed. This character was different from the other “Old Gods” due to how he didn’t share the same passion and delight in having others fear and worship them.

Just due to all those reasons together and also due to how little interaction we get with this character I would love to have had another book just solely based on this character talking about the whole life of the Bone Carver.

Let's Chat-2

Do you have any characters that you think deserve a book just for them-self? Do you have a favorite character? Do you have any characters who you think have been in too many books for the impact that they have made?


8 thoughts on “Characters That Need A Book Just For Them

    1. YES! Minerva McGonagall definitely needed a book about her and then we would get to see everything during the marauders era through her eyes.

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  1. A book about the bone carver would be amazing! And honestly, I’d really kill to know more about his life!
    This is such a great list and really, I’d read all of the books about the characters you mentioned!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really would! Thank you i was trying to go with more widely known books so it would be easier for people to see if they would agree or not. I’m thinking of doing another blog post like this but in a more narrow scape.

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  2. I’d have liked for Nicolai from The Dark Elements and Declan from Bloodlines to have their own books. Most of the characters I want in another book already have a big part in the original books.

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