Sleeping Beauty Book Tag

Sleeping Beauty Book Tag

Hello my fellow little munchkins! How are you all doing? I am doing well. I have been pretty much been reading this whole entire week so I am all booked out. But that honestly is a good thing because I am about to start up my community college classes already. Which I know will be tiring but will all be worth it in the end.

I saw this tag on Between the Pages Blog which you can find HERE.

Anyways, why don’t we get into the book tag?

A main character who is overshadowed by others

Lia Copland from the book Flawless seemed to be heavily overshadowed from the rest of the characters in the book. However, it seemed like the trick that was needed for the book to make the ending go the way it did.

But this character really is overshadowed by all the other characters and with this book being overshadowed it really allows for Lia Copland to really get no attention in the book.


A character you would slay a dragon for

I would slay a dragon for both Caleb and Adam from Infinite Nosies.

I didn’t think I would at the very start of the book but after I finished it I was like I would jump in front of a dragon for these two. And as the week has went by I have just come to think more and more about this book and feel more and more love for these characters.

You can check out my review on the book HERE.

Your favorite dysfunctional family

For this question I have two answers.

The first one being literally any family in Game of Thrones. Whether you have read the books of seen any part of the show you know that no single family is properly functional or ‘Sane’ which makes it that much more interesting.

For the second answer that came to my mind would be the herondales from both The Mortal Instruments Series and The Infernal Devices Trilogy which would have Will Hernodale and Jace as the main characters in that crazy family. I don’t really know why they came to my mind. Maybe because of the same fear of ducks or maybe because they just never know how to stay out of trouble 😂


A villain you relate to

So I started reading the Shatter Me series and from the first book just reading it and from some common knowledge about it I feel like Warner is kinda a villain. Or at least in my heart so that Juliette and Warner can be ultimate enemies to lovers.

But anyways if Warner is a villain even in the slightest I feel like I relate to him on such a high level in literally every aspect except for like the insta love and craziness unless it comes to books.

A book that gave you deja vu

The whole entire Percy Jackson series. It may be because of re-reading it, it may be because of the movies or it may be because of the timing of when I read it and the timing of everything in my life now.

The book also probably gives me major deja vu because I read a couple hundred fan fictions when I was little for the Percy Jackson series.


A character that can’t make up his or her mind

 From the Mortal Instruments series I would like to nominate Clary as the character who cannot make up her mind. Or when she can its the stupidest possible answer in the world. I mean her in the books is slightly better than her in the show. However, Clary played by Lily Collins is probably the best Clary. AKA: Movie Clary!

But, I mean I am not trying to diss Clary from the Mortal Instruments but this was the first book to come to mind and from this book series she was the only character who I could think to fit under that specific area.

A book that turned out exactly as you thought it would

💜 Grim Lovlies 💜

While I was sticking to the original ideas of what the synopsis said about the plot there was still some things that were different but the book at the end turned out to be like what the synopsis said which wasn’t a bad thing.

It was actually a good thing especially with how of an exciting and intricate read it was.

You can check out my review on the book HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty Book Tag

  1. Great tag!! The Game of Thrones families are all dysfunctional but growing up in a cruel world may be part of that. I’ve only watched the series though!! 😂
    I have never read the Percy Jackson series *hides in shame* but I think I would love to try them out. I have seen the movie though but that’s not so popular– I still enjoyed it though 😂
    I have been meaning to read the Grim Lovelies– it is on my never ending TBR!! 😂😂

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