7 Tips for Reading More

Hello my fellow little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. I am so grateful that today is finally Saturday because I would have almost cried if it wasn’t. I mean my sleep is extremely important to me and I didn’t get a whole lot along this week just because of homework and honestly life. I am going to be away for a large portion for the day but I will most likely try to interact on Twitter. Also, did any of you see the news about Shadow & Bone along with Six of Crows being adapted on Netflix? I have and I’m so excited for when it to come out!

Anyways, why don’t we get into the blog post already?

Read for enjoyment:

Reading for enjoyment is an important thing to do for when reading, literally, in general. If you are reading and it isn’t for enjoyment then what are you doing? I mean this is the biggest factor when it is coming for tips to motivate you to read. If you don’t enjoy reading then you won’t want to read more. You need to get yourself back into the mindset and maybe even try and re-read a favorite book of yours if that can help.

Read things in the same genre:

I know for me at least that if I get into a genre and am finding a bunch of good books within the genre. Well I tend to stick in it and continue reading books from that genre until I get tired out or if I find a better genre. This honestly depends if you have been in a genre binge or not and if you have tried this out before and it didn’t work.

Read things from #OwnVoices:

This is a great option I personally believe because you are expanding the amount of books you are reading, you are buying a book and reading it about someone who has relation to the topic at hand and who knows but you could absolutely love that book. But most importantly of all you are reading and supporting #OwnVoices Authors which is extremely important.

Read Reviews:

Read reviews! I mean it just go on GoodReads or Amazon and look at authors that you personally like and friends that you have a trusted opinion of and read their reviews of other books and see if you may want to read one of the books that they have read. You also can read just random reviews and see if you like any books from there but make sure to get interested in the summary of the book before reading the reviews so you don’t waste any time.

Watch Booktube:

I would heavily suggest doing this due to how you don’t have to read anything when trying to find a new book to read. If anything you are learning more about other books and people. Heck, how knows you may find a life long friend from just saying, “Hi.” To someone. You may even may someones day but if anything just one comment can make someone who does a blog or book tube just feel a little bit better than before. SO I would heavily suggest doing this.

Read Fanfiction:

I also personally love this one because it was a major reason why I got into reading. It was also the major reason as to why I am able to read as fast as I can. Plus you are able to stay in the same world but get a different glimpse at the characters and even the world each time you are able to read fan fiction.


Just read as much as you can as often as you can. I mean maybe not as often but set aside time to read so that you aren’t reading half a book, setting it down and moving onto another book. Schedule out the times when you are going to be reading a book and make sure to stick to it for at least a month. Try and list the books that you need to finish first due to either being higher on the TBR or because of business. But just try and read is the main goal in this tip!

Did any of these steps help you? Are you planning on trying any out? Have you done any of these tips before and if so how did they work out? Do you have any other tips in which you would recommend to everyone?

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