Faerie Rising by A.E. Lowan Review

Hello my fellow little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. It is finally the new year and that both terrifies me and makes me super happy. Sadly I have a bunch of homework to do for when I come back to school which I am not completely mentally ready for. I mean I have finished a bunch of holiday homework and there was a lot. I’m not kidding. There was literally 4 packets from one class with 2 papers and from another class a projects and 2 small assignments on top of a chapter of notes. And I have to stay ahead of one class so that I can remain steady with all of my others.

Anyways, enough about me! Why don’t we get into this review?


Book Information:

Author: A.E. Lowan

Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

Pages: 390

Publisher: Phoenix Quill Books

Publishing Date: April 1st 2017

Description according to GoodReads, Winter Mulcahy is the last wizard in the city of Seahaven, WA and all that stands between the fractious preternatural population and total chaos.

Holding the city together by the skin of her teeth, the blood of her friends, and an addiction to stimulants that is slowly killing her, the young wizard is approached by a pair of Sidhe lords. They claim that her city is harboring a fugitive who has kidnapped a Sidhe prince, and that they are on a mission to rescue the boy. Winter must investigate this fugitive to get to the truth of the kidnapping, discover the cause of the surges of wild magic tearing open rifts between realms across her city, and navigate the deadly waters of preternatural politics before Seahaven both figuratively and literally rips itself apart.”

Short Review:

This book was a wonderful first installment to a beginning of the stories and the ones to come.

The character development was wonderful however I didn’t care for the amount of love interests especially towards one character.

Many of the characters within this are sharks, tiger and bears which was a really unique way to adapt urban fantasy inside a book heavily throughout the characters.

I found out a couple weeks ago that the author of this book was really three different authors and if I didn’t find that out myself I wouldn’t have known due to how well the book was written from dialogue to description to pacing.

This isn’t one of my favorite books of this year but it was deeply enjoy full for something completely different from most book.

4/5 stars

Where to buy the book:



Author Information:


According to their Website, “

Who is A. E. Lowan?

A. E. Lowan is the pseudonym for the three authors of the dark urban fantasy series, The Books of Binding.

Kristin Vinck

Kristin Vinck is our unrepentant dreamer who started weaving words into fantasy worlds before she could hold a pencil. Kristin was a student of creative writing and medieval studies. When she is not playing in the world of The Books of Binding, Kristin reads widely, preferring character driven stories. She is an online gamer, enjoys creating historical costumes, and is a soundtrack junkie.

Jennifer Vinck

Jennifer Vinck is our puppeteer whose favorite part of the creative process is figuring out how to make our characters dance. Jennifer was a card-carrying member of the Major-of-the-Month Club and has studied fields from linguistics to classical languages and literature and from elementary education to computer programming. She enjoys sharpening her puppeteering skills by leading her guild mates into battle in online games. She also enjoys reading thrillers, performing musicals, and has a movie obsession that probably needs medication.

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is our organizational powerhouse. A college student with a focus in allied health, she is an avid consumer of all things storytelling – from novels to games to manga. Jessica throws herself headfirst into creative outlets, blending her scientific mind with her unstoppable world building. She is the most likely of us to forgo sleep for a week to give us an encyclopedia of the preternatural.”

Where to find the author:





In accordance with FTC guidelines/regulations for bloggers and endorsements, please note that all the books reviewed on this blog were either purchased by me or provided to me by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review and nothing else. I gain nothing in return for the review other than the book itself.
My reviews reflect my honest opinion and remain uninfluenced despite the authors through which I obtained the book.

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