Why Diversity & Representation is so Important in YA

Hello my little munchkins! How are you all doing? I am doing okay. I am so sorry that I haven’t really been active for awhile. Once again school became a little overwhelming so I had little opportunities to blog and then all of a sudden all of the fires in California started happening. 

If you don’t know I live about an hour away from San Fransisco and if you have been keeping up with the news of lately Northern Califnoia now has the worst air quality in the world. The smoke has really gotten to me so I have been sleeping a lot lately and besides that I am just trying to re-coup and stay indoors as much as possible.

So that has left me little time to type up blog posts but I have really missed this and I have been trying to keep up with everything going on in book-twitter and I saw what has been going on specially with this one person. 

Anyways, why don’t we get into the post?

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Anyone should be able to feel like they are represented in a book

A book should be able to represent as many people as possible and not just be sticking to the ‘white, cis, heterosexual, male characters. A book needs to be able to widen its world so that everyone can see a part of themselves in it. So that no-one should feel excluded from that world. 

That is the duty of an author though. An author needs to be able to do their work, talk to people, research if needed, widen their own genre so that it isn’t only beginning traction in one area but all areas. 

This is YA 

This is YA or also known as Young Adult Literature so you are going to be having younger people for a percentage reading these books because they are targeted at them. Now don’t get me wrong people of all ages read Young Adult, but I at least as a teenager consider myself as a young adult and I read this age group of book heavily compared to Children, New Adult, or Adult book. 

However to get back on topic, Young Adults are reading this and that is around the age of  12-18 but anyone can also read it. But, if you remember when you were this age for a percentage people are very easily infunced and targeted. So YA is so impactful because it can help to determine how someone may view someone else if they hear it from a book, just as if they hear it on a street or from a celebrity, adult, or parent. 

This is also an time when people are for sure looking to see them in other areas, such as books. So when someone says ‘It isn’t needed’ of tries to even harm others in their writing then it is an even bigger disc

It Is In The Real World 

Diversity is in the real world. It is apart of it. And honestly if you cannot accept it then you need to learn how to, because the real world is going to crush you down. 


There is no simple building block that people mold themselves over and they shouldn’t have to and that is why some YA books can be harmful because the mold the mindset ‘of white, cis, heterosexual’. When the books can be so much more than just that and make ALL readers feel as if they are apart of the book instead of making them feel like shit for not being a certain way. 

It Needs To Be In More Books:

Authors as a whole, in any genre, for any age group should be showing more representation for those who aren’t being represented.

They should do their research on stuff that they don’t know, they should contact people and gain a better understanding, they should mold their characters to the best and closest accurate representation. They should do their work for their books like how people have to learn to make a living.

They shouldn’t just piece a book together with half-assed representation and cause further problems. And we as a whole community shouldn’t accept something like that. Not just for ourselves but for others. 

Their should be characters representing everything and they don’t have to feel like they have to be their but that they are already there and people shouldn’t have to react to characters of any representation as if they are being forced in books but instead they should just be in books, without question, because they are people. 


When going through a twitter feed I noticed something:


Now while I am not completely sure that this is the accurate statics I still believe that it something to at least look at and gain a wider in depth perspective. To 

If you click HERE you can go to one of the few twitter threads I saw.







Some Interesting Twitter Threads You Can See:

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Descriptive Words

Comments Section of a post I have saw:

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 7.21.42 PM.png

And then it continues on to say:

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 7.21.59 PM

This is what one person said (I am keeping their names out so they remain  anonymous) but another person goes to say:

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 7.26.06 PM.png

After reading all of this what do you think off what those comments say? What do you think of it all? 


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