Getting Back to Blogging Tag

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. Since I left the blog for a little while because of school I thought that this would be a perfect way getting fully back into blogging. Today is also my third day back at school and I am already getting swamped with homework and just life in general.

The original creator of this tag is a book tuber, VincentVanStop.

Anyways, why don’t we get into the post?

1) Why haven’t you been posting on your blog?


I haven’t been posting as much because of school. I knew it was going to be a difficult year but I didn’t think I would have so much work and that these teachers would be feeling as angry as they are. Along with when I started out school I thought that I would have had a set schedule of blog posts set up but I didn’t and due to all of the homework, studying, cleaning and the little amounts of sleep I was getting I wasn’t able to get as much quality content up to you munchkins.

2) What have you missed about blogging/the book blogging community in general?


I missed meeting people and just interacting. I mean I meet two of my great friends through this blog and I of course wanted to meet more and feel even more in the community. And I sometime feel that if I am not posting content then I shouldn’t get the luxury of talking to others. But that is just me and my little messed up mind.

3) What are some books you want to read even though the hype has died down and/or you’ve been otherwise unmotivated to read them?


I have been unmotivated by a lot of book recently. It just because all of the relationships in the book that I am reading feel so bland and fake. So because of that I have been reading more and more wattpad stories instead of books because in some cases they are better then them.

4) In a perfect world, what are your reading and blogging schedules like?


In a perfect world I am forever time free and can read and blog within three hours for each book I finish and blog within thirty minutes and have a year or two worth amount of content.

5) Why do you want to continue blogging and not just “call it quits”?


I want to continue blogging because I enjoy it. I know that sometime I need a mental break and other times I physically cannot blog but I still love to blog when I can. I really hope that this tag is going to be a big kick start back into blogging again!

That is the end of this post!

I tag all of you who feel like you may need this!

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