Useful Resources for Book Bloggers


Untitled design-12Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. I am officially back at school today but I already am ahead of some of my classes and I have some posts already scheduled out for all of you! I am going to try and also be more active both on my blog and on my twitter account compared to before also.


Anyways, Why don’t we just hop right into this post?


A Blog

A blog is one thing need to be a book blogger. I mean if you don’t have a blog than you may want to make one. I mean this is just one crucial step that it needed.



It is a great way to log how much you are reading, what you are reading, how many pages you are reading, and to follow other people. You are able to figure out any future books that you want to read. You are also able to join communities and find a way in which you can buy a book.


You can also read or write a review and see if the book is one you want to read or not and it is a great way to find more books that you may have never heard about before or may want to buy.


It is a great way to communicate with other fellow book lovers. Whether they are or aren’t on a blog you can still talk to them or figure out what they are feeling from what you are reading in their tweets.


It is also a great way to see what it happening in the book community and what the issues there may be at the moment.


Now this is a little iffy. In the terms of you can take pictures of your books and participate in the challenges of you can do a whole other thing but if I am being complexly honest everything on there is based on your ability to present in terms of photography.


This is a great website to use to make really anything for your blog. I have actually made almost all of my images on there and I even made business cards that I now have. So it is really beneficial if you decide to use it.



If you have one of these then I applaud you. I have never had one before but I have some friends in the book community who do and use it to keep track of a book event or stay up to date with what is going on with a author, another blogger or a book.

That is the end of the post! Do you have any of these social media platforms? If so link them down below so I can follow you! Which of these do you think may be the most helpful starting out as a book blogger and then when you are knees deep in book blogging? 


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