Why TBRs don’t always go according to plan + my personal experience

HELLO MY LITTLE MUNCHKINS!! How are you all doing? I am doing swell. I am back at school this week but I promise to continue posting like I have and to also have better quality posts like I have compared to before. Quality has always been important to me but I am going to prefect it even more for you all.

Anyways, why don’t we get into this post?

So first of all what EVEN is a TBR? 


A TBR is an acronym for To Be Read. It is commonly associated with book worms or fellow people who like to read books. A TBR is a set amount of books that you PLAN to read before you move onto new books whether bought or in time.


What is it used for?



It is used for the fellow common people to set up a list of books in which they have to read first before they move onto another book. However, as the books increase the
TBR increases as well. AND because that happens it usually causes people a difficulty sticking to their TBR compared to if it was smaller.

Why a TBR may BE beneficial to you!


A TBR may be beneficial to you because it holds you accountable which is something some people need to stick to their plan. So that is a pretty big pro. Also it will make you feel like you are more in the community since a large amount of people does have a TBR whether they announce it to the public or not.

Why a TBR may NOT be something you want.


A TBR while it holds you accountable for what you need to do it cannot force you since it is a non-living object. The act of scheduling and holding yourself accountable to the TBR may in turn cause you to rebel against it which defeats the whole purpose of it. Which in that instance it would be better to read a book that you want to read at the current moment in time compared to the TBR.

Another reason why this may not be for you is that you may just not be a schedule type of person or you may be reviewing books like me and would have to be constantly switching your TBR and what books you need to read and which ones just aren’t worth it anymore.

My Experience with a TBR

So I of course found out about TBRs because of Book tube and of course I started off watching the huge book tubers compared to the lesser known. I of course wanted to have as many books as possible to feel like I was one with the community. So as soon as possible I went out and I bought all of the books that were being recommend to me so that I could finally have a TBR however not to soon after that did I start this blog and then I started buying more books, and getting more books.

Due to that I started to have more books that I had that I haven’t read compared to books that I have read and that made me honestly feel bad for the books that I hadn’t read. So I started selling the books I bought and donating the books that I got after I read them.


In turn of the situation I had to re-arrange which books are more important in my TBR than others making me constantly having to change this which can both be annoying and can sometimes cause me to not want to read a certain book as much as before. In conclusion, it makes the joyful feeling of reading not as fun as it was before sometimes.

Because of that I have recently been reading what I WANT to read compared to what I NEED to read sometimes just so I can remember all the joys of reading and why I started this blog in the first place.

 What side are you on: PRO TBRs or CON TBRs? Have you had a similar experience like me with TBRs or do you have a completely different one? If so tell me about that experience!

5 thoughts on “Why TBRs don’t always go according to plan + my personal experience

  1. I do a monthly tbr but this line…

    “Because of that I have recently been reading what I WANT to read compared to what I NEED to read sometimes just so I can remember all the joys of reading and why I started this blog in the first place.”


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  2. I hardly ever bother with TBR because I am a complete mood reader. Sometimes I will push myself to read something because it’s due back at the library soon, or the publication date is coming up (if it’s an ARC) but usually I just pick up whatever I feel like reading…hence my excuse to keep lots of yet-to-be-read books around at all times! Do you find that you stick to your TBR?

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