Faithless by Janeen Ippolito Blog Tour, Guest Post and Author Interview

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. I am about to go out to get my hair done and styled today. I have another couple of post coming soon which will all be set according to schedule because I really need to get back into shape. But today is also the day of the blog tour of faithless. And in this post I have the standard blog tour information, author interview and guest post figuring a character.

Soo why don’t we get into the post since it is a long one.

About the Book:

One wild night, Shance Windkeeper discovers he is married to a death unicorn.But that’s the least of his troubles.As an agent for the Lawless, Shance is working with dragonshifters Kesia Ironfire and Zephryn Nightstalker, trying to end the dragon-human war and the organization that masterminded it. While on a mission in the Scepter of Knowledge, the Lawless is hit with a devastating death unicorn attack.
Out of the wreckage new allies emerge: Lirome Ukerys, and his twin sister Maira, the death unicorn queen—Shance’s long-lost wife.Recently freed from captivity, Maira is fighting to regain control of her herd.
Lurien Alistil, a rogue death unicorn, has bespelled the Scepter of Knowledge and taken Maira’s son. When Kesia unexpectedly challenges Lurien to a public debate, the Lawless has a chance to break the usurper’s hold.
To obtain vital information they must infiltrate her lair—and as the husband of the death unicorn queen, Shance Windkeeper is the perfect prize to go in.But Lurien’s power is stronger and more insidious than they realize. And if the final pieces of her plan fall into place, not even Shance’s newfound Talents and knowledge will be enough to stop her.
A steampunk fantasy adventure with much intrigue, unexpected romance, sudden tragedy, and a snarky cat-dragon.AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo iBooks — Signed Paperback

What’s in A Name? Character Names of Faithless:

Names have always meant a lot to me. At the age of five, I was already plotting who I could marry in order to dispose of my last name.


I thought it was ugly. I was already getting teased for it. And I realized quickly that, because of American conservative cultural norms, all I had to do was get married and voila! No more last name issues. At that age, I wasn’t really looped into the whole “committed to another person for the rest of my life” part of the dealio.

For the record, I’m totally happy with my married name. Ippolito is Italian and has to do with horses. Win!

Anyway, as soon as I learned to write, I realized I could name my characters ANYTHING. I. WANTED. Woohoo! I used to collect all of those “magazine subscription” cards and fill them out with fake character names and addresses. Good times there!

And then I discovered languages and linguistics and the rich history of names. Much fangirling ensued.
So naturally, each of the names in the Ironfire Legacy series has a story behind it, whether it be a favorite letter, a street sign, or a mispronounced word while talking half-asleep. Here’s a little background on the main character names!

Kesia Ironfire: Kesia came from the name Kasia. But Kasia was getting to be a popular YA/NA female character name in various spellings. And originally Kesia was going to end up with Shance, and I hated the idea of both of their names having short vowel A’s as the initial sound. I had to fix it. And then Kesia ended up with Zephryn. *sighs* This is my brain… Ironfire was just a name that popped into my head that HAD to go with a dragon. Had to!

Zephryn Nightstalker: Zephryn came from the word zephyr, which in literary terms means “a soft, gentle breeze.” A bit of irony because he’s a deadly dragon. Nightstalker came from the same cool dragon name place as Ironfire.  

Shance Windkeeper: I gained Shance via a character swap with another author, so I can’t take credit for his name. But Windkeeper, another dragon name, still came from that cool dragon name place. By the time I gave Shance his last name, I started seeing a pattern, and that was how all dragon surnames became three syllables. 

Maira and Lirome Ukerys: Maira was originally known as Maiwa, which came from an old elvish name I’d created as a teenager, Earmaiwen. But Maira looks prettier. Lirome also came from an old elvish name I made up, Lirraum. Again, Lirome looks cooler. Ukerys is a letter mash-up based around a few of my favorite syllables. Did I mention I really, really love typography and letters and alphabets?

Lurien Alistil: Lurien was originally Lirandien, but I already had a “Lir” name and I wasn’t keen on four syllable names. So I shortened it to Lurien, which also sounds similar to “lure.” And this villain excels at luring people to their doom.  Alistil was another pretty name that went well with Lurien. 

And yes, I might be so proud of my name combinations that, ironically, I’ve created shifter cultures that don’t require spouses to share surnames. Sorry characters! No getting out of your last names. Even if you’re Kesia Ironfire, who shares her last name with her evil uncle Garishton. 

I guess she’ll just have to overthrow him eventually and reclaim the family honor. 

Author Interview with Janeen:

– When did you decide the you wanted to become a writer?

I’ve always been a writer. I just needed to learn to read and to write letters in order to free the words from my mind. And I did this with all speed and above grade level because I had to write!

– How did you decide to pick out your book cover? 

I worked with Julia Busko, who consults with Uncommon Universes Press and did the covers for Lawless and Priceless. I knew I wanted Shance on this cover, since he’s the primary protagonist. And I wanted his airship and lightning and stormclouds. Julia did a great job realizing my vision!

– As a writer what would your spirit animal be? 

Oh gosh. I don’t have one. I have a whole zoo. Start with a dragon. Add a death unicorn. I write my spirit animals into my books, so keep reading to see more of them!

– Do you google yourself? 

Yes! Since I offer marketing services, I check to make sure my own Google footprint also looks good.

– What do you owe the real people upon whom you base your characters? 

I don’t base my characters on any real people. I might ask people for insights into certain personalities, but otherwise, I work hard for my characters to be originals.

About the Author:

Janeen Ippolito believes words transform worlds. She creates writing resources and writes steampunk fantasy. She’s also an experienced teacher, editor, author coach, and the editor in chief of Uncommon Universes Press. In her spare time, she enjoys sword-fighting, reading, food, and making brownie batter. Two of her goals are eating fried tarantulas and traveling to Antarctica.
This extroverted writer loves getting connected, so find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and at her website:
WebsiteFacebook TwitterInstagram

Party Time!!!

Celebrate the launch of Faithless: The Ironfire Legacy Book 2 with featured author Janeen Ippolito and guest authors Angelique Anderson and R.J. Metcalf! Get your fill of steampunk, dragons, adventures, and more (re: death unicorns and a cat-dragon) with this fun-filled evening that includes giveaways, games, and an exclusive reveal or two.Hosted by Laura A. Grace of Unicorn Quester and Uncommon Universes Press!

Blog Tour Schedule:

Monday, October 8th-Map Monday Spotlight – Becky Gaines

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Wednesday, October 10th–      Character Interview – Jenelle Leanne Schmidt–      Guest Post & Interview – TheHufflepuffNerdette
Thursday, October 11th–      Behind-the-Scenes –The Simmering Mind–      Author Interview – Claire M. Banschbach
Friday, October 12th–      Behind-the-Scenes – Author Katherine A. Massengill
Sunday, October 14th–      Book Review – Smada’s Book Smack
Monday, October 15th–      Spotlight –  A Hippie’s Bookshelf–      Character Interview with Shance – Becky Gaines
Tuesday, October 16th–      World Building Feature on the Scepter of Knowledge – K.A. Cummins
Wednesday, October 17th–      Spotlight – The Genre Minx Book Reviews
Thursday, October 18th–      Behind-the-Scenes – Unicorn Quester
Friday, October 19th–      World Building Feature on Death Unicorns – C. O. Bonham–      Spotlight – YA/NA Book Divas
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Monday, October 22nd–      Book Review – Jessica Rachow: Author & BloggerTuesday,
October 23rd–      Behind-the-Scenes – Anna Tan
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  1. I have to laugh because when I took on my step-dad’s last name in high school, my name was SUPER long. I really hoped that my future husband would have a shorter last name and he did! 😀 Also, I find it so fascinating how she created her character’s names and that she googles herself. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

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