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This is my stop during the blog tour for Everything Under the Sun by Jessica Redmerski. This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 30 July till 12 August. See the tour schedule here.

Everything Under the SunEverything Under the Sun
By Jessica Redmerski
Genre: Dystopian/ Post apocalyptic
Age category: Young Adult/ New Adult/ Adult
Pages: 683 pages
Release Date: 28 August 2017

Thais Fenwick was eleven-years-old when civilization fell, devastated by a virus that killed off the majority of the world’s population. For seven years, Thais and her family lived in a community of survivors deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. But when her town is attacked by raiders, she and her blind sister are taken away to the East-Central Territory where she is destined to live the cruel and unjust kind of life her late mother warned her about.

Atticus Hunt is a troubled soldier in Lexington City who has spent the past seven years trying to conform to the vicious nature of men in a post-apocalyptic society. He knows that in order to survive, he must abandon his morals and his conscience and become like those he is surrounded by. But when he meets Thais, morals and conscience win out over conformity, and he risks his rank and his life to help her. They escape the city and set out together on a long and perilous journey to find safety in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Struggling to survive in a world without electricity, food, shelter, and clean water, Atticus and Thais shed their fear of growing too close, and they fall hopelessly in love. But can love survive in such dark times, or is it fated to die with them?

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Jessica RedmerskiAbout the Author:
Jessica Redmerski is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, international bestseller, and award winner, who juggles several different genres. She began self-publishing in 2012, and later with the success of THE EDGE OF NEVER, signed on with Grand Central Publishing/Forever Romance. Her works have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Jessica is a hybrid author who, in addition to working with a traditional publisher, also continues to self-publish. Her popular crime and suspense series, In the Company of Killers, has been optioned for television and film by actor and model William Levy.
She also writes as J.A. Redmerski.

You can find and contact Jessica here:
Amazon Jessica Redmerski
Amazon JA Redmerski

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Everything Under the Sun. 3 winners will each win a signed paperback copies of Everything Under the Sun, along with signed bookmarks and postcards (United States and Canada only).

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Interview – Jessica Redmerski

What is your writing kryptonite? 

Stress! It squashes my writing bug like a giant shoe. And it doesn’t help that I get stressed out easily and always have something determined to kill my writing inspiration.

What made you want to write this book? 

Daryl and Beth on the television show The Walking Dead – If Beth had been just a little older, a relationship between them, forced by survival and the post-apocalyptic world they lived in, would have been sweet. But because that could never happen, I made it my duty to tell the love story inspired by them, that grew in my heart.

If you could tell your younger writing-self something, what would it be? 

Always, write from the heart. If you feel like you’re having to force a story, whether it’s because you’re on a deadline, or you want to write that next bestseller and you’re forcing yourself to write what you THINK everybody is reading right now—don’t. Just put the laptop away and rethink your priorities. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what’s popular in the moment; it doesn’t matter if a million people are reading a vampire series; it doesn’t matter if half the bestsellers on Amazon’s list are romance books—don’t write ANYTHING that doesn’t come from your heart, because the readers will know it. They can feel when a story was forced; they know when you didn’t put as much effort into it as you did that one book you wrote one year that you loved so much but it never saw the light of day. Just write that story you’ve been thinking about writing forever, the one you can’t get out of your head; write the one you think nobody is going to read because it’s not the sort of thing that’s popular right now. Because the thing is, it’s true whoever said: Nobody else will like it if you don’t.

Have you ever had difficulty coming up with an idea for your story? 

Only my New Adult romance novels. I’ve never had trouble in any other genre I’ve written.

As a writer what would your spirit animal be? 

A raven. I love them.

What Hogwarts house would the main character of your book be sorted into?

I’d say Hufflepuff or Gryffindor  

While you were editing your book what were some thoughts that were going through your mind? 

Good lord, this is a big book – I hope it doesn’t scare readers away!

Do you believe in writer’s block? 

Yes. It’s an evil, vile thing, and it needs to go extinct. 

What is the easiest part of writing that you consider? 

I love to write dialogue. It feels and flows more natural to me. I feel like I struggle a little more with description, because I’m impatient and sometimes it feels like the description is slowing me down. But I pace myself! If I didn’t, the entire novel would be one giant conversation.

Do you think the cover plays an important part of the buying processes? 

Absolutely. I know it shouldn’t really matter how bad or awesome the cover is, but it really is the first thing readers see. I’m even guilty of passing over books, not even reading the blurb on Amazon, if the cover is bad. Also, a lot of hardcore readers love cover aesthetics; they love beautiful artwork, so it doesn’t do your book any favors to have a bad cover. The story inside can be phenomenal, but no one will ever know it because people can’t get past the bad cover art.

“Medical Care now Vs. EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN and all thoughts and opinions on it, how it compares and how it differs.”

Of course, in a post-apocalyptic society there would no longer be access to hospitals, vital medical tests, surgery, or even a sterile medical environment. A lot of people would die from things that, to us in this nurtured society, seem harmless—a cut on your finger could kill you.

Medical care in EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is, for the most part, primitive, compared to the world as it is today. Not only would there be few people left or available to offer accurate, suitable medical care, but those few left would find it difficult, if not impossible, to have access to needed surgical tools, medicine, or even electricity to power the many machines used today to treat patients and even keep them alive. In a post-apocalyptic world, we would certainly go back to a time when medical “professionals” had to perform amputations for a “simple” blood infection, deliver babies by caesarean only to lose the mother, and all of this without pain medication or anesthesia.

I believe the only thing that would stay the same would be the compassion the doctors and nurses have for those they’d be trying to save.


“One more night,” I said, not looking at her. “Give me one more night and I’ll get you out of this city.” All I could see in front of me was the scenario: I’d wait until very late, after most of the city was sleeping, and then I’d dress her in my military clothes, make her pin up her hair underneath a cap, strap a rifle to her shoulder, a backpack full of goods on her back, and set her atop the mare waiting at the stables.

“But there’s nothing for me anymore,” Thais said, wiping away the lingering tears on her cheeks. “There’s nowhere for me to go, and no one waiting for me there if by some miracle I make it alive. My mother and father are dead. My sister”—she looked up at me, and although I didn’t meet her gaze, I could feel her eyes on me—“my whole family is dead, and this world is dead and my soul is dead and everything that was once good and beautiful and right, is dead.”

I looked at her then, her words stirring me.

“That’s not true,” I said, and got up from the chair and crouched in front of her. “You may be the only good thing left in this world, and I’ll be goddamned if I let your light fade.”

Tears tumbled down Thais’ cheeks.

I took the gun that had fallen from her hand, tucked it into the back of my pants.

“Promise me you won’t try anything,” I said as I went toward the door. “Promise me on your sister’s soul, that you’ll stay in this room and wait for me.”

“Where are you going?”

“To get your supplies.” I placed my hand on the doorknob. “Don’t open this door for anyone.” I opened it to blackness; the candles that had been lit in the hallway had burned down.

“Wait,” Thais called out, and I stopped.

She stood up on wobbly legs.

“You said to get my supplies—are you sending me away alone?”

I thought on it for a moment. I’d never had any intention of going with her. I couldn’t. Not if I was going to keep others from following her.

“No,” I finally said. “You’re not going alone. I’ll go with you, at least until I can get you somewhere safe.”

“Is there anywhere safe, Atticus?” Her voice was soft, hopeless, and hearing her say my name like that did something to my heart. “Do you know where you’re taking me?”

I sighed. And I looked at the wall.

“Yes,” I lied, and then stepped out into the hallway.

Just before I closed the door I added, “Promise me.”

Thais nodded.

“I promise,” she said. “I’ll wait for you.”

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