3 Blog Things That Make Me Cry

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. I have chosen that since schools makes me cry and book blogging are both a big part of my life why don’t we smoosh those together and see what comes out of it. That in turn became this blog post: 3 Blog Things That Make Me Cry.

Anyways, Why don’t we get into this post???

3 Blog Things That Make Me Cry

1.No Sleep:

Know since I am in high school, community college and blogging it leaves me little to no time to really get sleep. And sleep is something that I deeply cherish. But due to all of that I am really struggling with sleep so that is why I go for period where I am inactive.

It’s kinda like the college triangle with social life, study and sleep but for me I have blog which is also fun inside that triangle.


So that is what sometimes brings me to tears.

2.The Community:

Now this is a good tears type of things. This community for a most part is really supportive and nice. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with someone who is trying to bring me down but to those who are dealing with that I am sorry. Now I really enjoy this community because you are all genuine and kind. I mean for heavens sake we yell at each other about books throughout a computer screen. I just love talking to you all and I really hope you enjoy this blog!!!



Now this is both a happy tear and a sad tear type of thing. While I love books we are all little vipers when it comes to them. People shove and tear through people for a book. People lie, pirate, steal and scam books ruining peoples careers. This is the one thing I hate about books.

However, books allows us to travel into new worlds. It allows for us to be are favorite characters and also be with them. It allows us to have grand adventures whether we are actually on a grand adventure or if we are sitting on our couch at home.

All-in-All books are both a great thing but with every great thing come great troubles.


6 thoughts on “3 Blog Things That Make Me Cry

  1. I feel you about the sleep thing. I’m in grad school, plus I have a full-time job, *and* blogging. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah. Coffee is our friend.


    1. I am in high school and community college right now so sleep and tea are like my soulmates. I congratulate you on getting to graduate school and going through it!

      Liked by 1 person

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