Book Signings and Conventions

Hello my little favorite munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. I mean as well as you can think after a burning hot day yesterday and a hot day again. I thought since we are upon book signing and convention season then why don’t I share some tips that I gathered from my times to you all.

Anyways, why don’t we get ahead into it???

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1. PLAN!

This one goes for both of them. I am going to split this up into 2 portions. One will be for signing and the other will be for the conventions.

  1. Book Signings:
    • You should try your absolute best to show up early or at least to allow yourself extra time compared to needed depending on who the author is, what books you want to get signed and if it is ticketed.
    • You should set up a small schedule for the day so you know what you need to do and what you want to say.
      • When going into the signing you may be allowed to ask questions during a little Q&A depending on the type of signing.
        • For this you should prepare some questions that you can ask the author/s you are wanting to see.
          • TRY AND MAKE THEM UNIQUE LIKE YOU. These authors are probably asked a lot about “Why they started writing.” or, “What their favorite book is”, but maybe they want to answer a more unique question like, “What type of food is your go to when you a writing a sad/emotional scene?”
            • But please make this for you and you should ask what type of question you want this is just a tip.
    • Also bring sticky notes and write you name in them and put them on the page where you want the author to sign.
    • Also bring a jacket or sunblock, and water for wherever you go and don’t forget money.
      • Because wherever you are getting your book signed there will most likely be more books awaiting you purchase.
  2. Book Conventions:
    • Just like the signings you should leave some time for you to get there early. And when I say early I mean about an hour to an hour and a half early if possible to be in the front of the line.
    • You should plan an attack plan for when you are there.
      • By this I mean plan 2 days before and 2 days after and for when you are there whether it is 8 hours or 4 days I say plan each hour of when you are at the convention.
        • Plan what you want to do.
          • What you want to get. Who you want to meet. When you want to eat. What books you want to get signed. What panels you want to visit.
            • Then figure out where they all are. Contact people who have went before. Talk about what they experienced and then think of how you need to attack you plan for when you are at the convention.
              • I highly suggest doing this as it will make your life extremely easier. Now, while you will have this all planned out you have to take into consideration that something will probably  no MOST DEFINITELY go wrong. You should have things backed up for each thing. You need to take into thought that someone will probably get the book you want. The line will be to long. You might get tired. You might get hungry. The books will run out. You want to be somewhere else. You just need to be prepared for little mini things to back up for what you want to do.

2. Sleep!

  1. You will need your sleep.
    • Trust me you will want it for both areas.
      • For the signings you will want this sleep to calm your nerves and to get on with the rest of your day and not throw off your sleeping schedule.
      • For the book convention you will want this not only so you don’t throw off your sleep schedule but also because you will NEED IT! I mean it. Find a way to get to sleep the night before even if your stomach is full of butterflies. You will need this as much as food.

Comfy Shoes!

  1. Comfy shoes are a life saver!
    • This is more important for the convention than anything.
      • You should find some shoes at least 2 weeks in advanced and break them in if you just bought them so that once you are at the convention you feet only ache instead of feeling like they are going to fall off.
      • You should also try and plan your outfit/s for the convention and the signing.
        • For the signing you will want to pick it out 2 days in advanced just so you feel both comfortable and stylish.
        • For the convention this is a defiant MUST for some people.
          • The reason why is because you want to be comfy, stylish and in a better mood compared to be uncomfortable and grouchy.


  • Make sure to find out if you need to get a ticket for the book signings.
  • If you are at a signing that doesn’t require and is just a normal little signing let others in front of you.
    • The only reason why I suggest this is because you will get to show how kind you are, you may be able to talk to the publisher, and you get to be able to maybe even talk to the author/s for an extended amount of time compared to others.
      • Now take this information at a caution. I did this with too authors and was lucky to be able to talk to them for an extra amount of time but this information won’t always work and this might even be a rare moment that I had experienced.
  • Make sure to scope out the area if possible before hand so you can get a grasp of what the maps are telling you and where you will need to be and how far away everything is from one another. Whether it is from your hotel to the convention or form booth to booth, panel to panel.


Please let me know if you want me to make a second post about this. This is manly for big conventions and regular signings.

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