The Star Wars Book Tag Pt.2

Hello my little favorite munhkins. Today I am back in school so that is great *please note the sarcasm*. I am just looking forward to getting the next two weeks over with so I can get some more sleep. I re-watched Han Solo on Sunday which is really funny because it really got me in the mood to write the answers to the book tag.

If you click HERE you can see the first part of the book tag.

Anyways, why don’t we get ahead to the book tag?


Learning about how he became this man only made us love him more: Name your favorite villain.

The darkling. Even his name is swoon worthy. I just love how bad he is and he even has his background story like Darth Vader. Who can be more perfect of an answer for this question then him?


Loyal to his friends, he’s always got your back: Name your favorite fictional best friend.

THERE IS SO MANY. I WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO GO WITH CASSIAN FROM ACOTAR. I know this book series is really controversial but I really liked his character.


Despite his simple ways, he always gets himself into trouble: Name a character who always needs saving.

This would 10000000% have to be Clary from the mortal instruments. I just feel like she always needed saving either physically, emotionally, or mentally because she was never able to deal with it on her own. While my mind may be swayed by the show I feel deeply about this answer.


Witnessing the death of his father must have been difficult: Name a character who went through a traumatic childhood experience.

Katie from Don’t call me kit kat was the first character that came to mind when I read this question. You can read my review on the book HERE.



A scavenger who ‘just so happens’ to be Force sensitive: Name a character with a mysterious past.

The darkling from the grisha trilogy. I really liked his character even though he was extremely mysterious.


Questioning his future, he finally makes his own decision to change sides: Name a character who has questioned his/her morals.

 I honestly can’t think of an answer for this one. I have read a lot of books where a lot of characters have done this. It is just too hard to choose.


An amazing pilot flying through hyperspace: Name your favorite series that travels through time.

Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken. I mean this is the only book that I have read that was based around time travel so I do not have a lot to base off of.


Obsessed with an idealistic view of his grandfather: Name a character who will stop at nothing to fulfill their destiny. 

Now while my mind instantly thought of Percy Jackson I could be wrong since I only read the first few books and did not finish the book series since I do not have the rest of the books in the series.


Even though she’s force sensitive, she never trained in the ways of the Jedi Order: Name a character who doesn’t rise to their full potential.

Once again what she said is 10000000% the same feeling that I had experienced for this answer.

“Clary in The Mortal Instruments. I do like Clary and she did come a long way from City of Bones to City of Heavenly Fire but I just feel her character still had so much more potential and that she could have been a lot more amazing than she actually was in the books. She just made so many wrong choices for me and I was annoyed by her character quite often.”-wordsandlyrics


Following previous droids is not an easy task, but he is loved by all: Name a sequel you prefer over the first. 

I really can’t think of one for this. Sorry about that everyone.

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