The Star Wars Book Tag Pt.1

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing quite well. I mean there is no school today so HORRAY!!!! Anyways, I have been listening to MCU music again and since I watched Han Solo on Thursday I decided why not find a Star Wars book tag and do it? so that is what I did. This tag was created by Joana and Elizabeth over at book tube their videos are here and here and was later added by the lovely Bia and Cass at B&C Books. Check out their post here. I really hope you enjoy this and have a good day!!


Lovable droid filled with sass: Name a series that made you laugh.

To all the boys I’ve ever loved by Jenny Han. I really enjoyed this book series even though  I haven’t finished the last book. I hope to get it and finish it soon.


Even though she’s not a Jedi, she sure does kick some butt: Name a badass female character.

Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. (Sorry if I spelled the name wrong). The reason why I picked this character is because she was just purely impactful and she would’ve been even more impactful if she wasn’t inside a love triangle.


This girl gets herself into a rather strange love situation: Name your favorite or least favorite love triangle.

My least favorite love triangle is them all. If you haven’t figured it out from plenty of my other posts I HATE love triangles and find them completely stupid and un-useful.


The last hope to restore the Jedi Order: Name a rising author or a new to you author that you love.

Tessa Clare. I really feel like there is going to be great things coming out of her and I can’t wait to see it all happen.


A character whose morals changed over time: Name a series that started out well, but ended out badly.

I feel like this goes solidly to Divergent. I personally feel like it should have ended at the second book, and trust me this means a lot coming from me. This was the second book series I have ever read at the time.


Losing himself to a terrible fate: Name a character who suffers a tragic death.

OH MY GOSH. SO MANY CHARACTERS. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. I would have to go with Uriah from Divergent. The reason why is because he was a little cutie pie who should have lived and everyone knows this book trilogy so yeah 🙂


Unsuccessfully using his wittiness to get himself out of sticky situations. Name your favorite sassy character.

I can only say that what she said is 1000000% the same for me!

“How could I not think of Captain Thorne for this? I mean, Thorne is practically Han Solo in The Lunar Chronicles universe, isn’t he? Let’s see, he flies a space ship, he’s quite charming, he has a witty sense of humor and he falls in love with a rather unlikely girl. Yep, he’s Han Solo! And I absolutely love him! Both of them!”-wordsandlyrics


A well constructed character in a vast universe: Name a series with incredible world building.

That answer would have to go to the Grisha Universe. I really think that the author put a lot of time and effort into this book universe and the author still is and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Even though he is “to the book”, he is a force to be reckoned with: Name a series that exceeded your expectations.

This would have to go to the Grisha Trilogy. Now while I know there is two different series I am going with the first three and not with the other two books. I just feel like when I went in I was very skeptical but once I got into the book it completely blew me away.


A being containing so much wisdom: Name a series that taught you something or that made you grow.

This would have to be the Mortal Instruments series. Now while I didn’t necessarily like some of the characters or the storyline


I will have the 2nd part of this book tag up tomorrow.

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