Warren High 2: Flames of Obsession by J.C. Roberts Review

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. Thankfully this week is almost over so I can have more time to read books since I am officially done with my community college class. I am currently thinking of making a cake but I don’t know if I have the ingredients to make it for later.

Anyways, Why don’t we just get into the review. It is going to be short in advance thought.


Author: J. C. Roberts

Pages: 328

Genre: Middle Grade

Publishing Date: October 3rd, 2017

Publisher: Independently

Description according to Amazon, ” The highly anticipated sequel to the first Warren High is out now. If you’re seeking a series of super natural horror/suspense for your middle-grader, this is the one for you. Shortly after their first case, Laura finds herself the defacto leader of the Paranormal Investigation Club while the president recovers from his awful cold. At first, things seem manageable until a mysterious fire engulfs a local diner. Investigators are certain that it’s arson, and worse, they’ve arrested Ned’s sister as the culprit! Eager to help, Laura jumps at the opportunity to prove herself to the team. But when an ancient family secret threatens to overwhelm her life, she realizes just how much trouble leadership can be. The real criminal is hot on her heels, her reality is in shambles, her friends are in danger, and worst of all, this time she’s on her own. If the young rabbit can’t find her bearings, the next thing that burns may be herself! Follow the four members of the Paranormal Investigation Club: Ned, Laura, Ashley, and Rocky as they each struggle with their own personal demons. When the chips are down, they’ll learn the best way to get through their problems is loyalty, compassion, bravery, and honesty.”


  • This is the second installment to the Warren High collection.
    • I highly recommend reading the first book before this to get all of the content and to not be confused.
      • You can find my review HERE.
  • The story continues on from the first and had its own plot, and story arcs.
    • I surprisingly found these very intricate and enjoyed it even though I am a young adult avid reader.
  • The characters were very enjoyable and found them to have many real life traits in people that I personally know which was amazing.
  • The writing style was detailed but not to much to make me want to claw my eyes out.
  • I enjoyed this book very much but it isn’t my favorite.

 3.5/5 stars

J. C. RobertsAbout the Author:

J. C. Roberts is a young author who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. From childhood, he’s always been fascinated by old legends, mythology, and folklore and wished to seek out their origins. For a short while, he was a teacher at a private school for children with social struggles called Focus Academy, where he primarily taught English and Mathematics.

He has a pet prairie dog named Stormy, and enjoys practicing archery. When he’s with friends, his favorite thing to do is play board games (his favorite being Betrayal at the House on the Hill) and he has a deep love for puzzles and mysteries, especially logic puzzles. His favorite author is Annette Curtis Klause, and he always loves corresponding with his readers. You can email him at JCRobertsFanMail @ gmail.com with any questions or comments you may have.

You can find and contact J. C. Roberts here:

In accordance with FTC guidelines/regulations for bloggers and endorsements, please note that all the books reviewed on this blog were either purchased by me or provided to me by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review and nothing else. I gain nothing in return for the review other than the book itself.
My reviews reflect my honest opinion and remain uninfluenced despite the author through which I obtained this book.

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