Book to Movie Wishlist Tag

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? Today I am doing The book to movie wishlist tag and all you have to do, really, is pick five books that you want to see being turned into movies (or TV-series), and explain why. So this should be pretty easy for me. Anyways, Today is Monday and I am super duper tired and I just want to stay at home but I have community college class today so I am going to force myself to go out into the freezing cold like A PRO, WHO IS FREEZING.

Anyways, what don’t we get into the post.

1.The Divinity Bureau


You can find me review HERE.

OKAY SO I LOVED THIS BOOK AS YOU SHOULD KNOW IF YOU READ MY REVIEW ON IT OR SAW ME TALKING TO THE AUTHOR ON TWITTER WHICH WAS 100%%%%% AMAZING. I squawked  Squealed when she replied back to me. Anyways this book was so good and I was able to picture it as a movie in my head. Sadly I don’t think anyone in real life can possibly look like the characters or at least in my opinion. BUT IF THIS BOOK WAS EVER A MOVIE I WOULD LITERALLY SOB LIKE A LITTLE BABY.

2.ACOTAR (A Court of Thrones and Roses)


Okay, don’t even get me started on this series. I LOVE IT AND JUST UGH. I wish it would become a movie because the 2nd movie would no joke kill me. I would be dead. I am dead talking about it.

this is me thinking about it becoming a book series. (look below)


So you now know that if it ever became real I wouldn’t even no what to do because like ihvdbsknshbudikn. You know???

Anyways I feel like some aspects of this book are key to understand and of course I support this author and the work of this book so yeah.



Okay this book killed me. I went into it not knowing a lot because I didn’t want to and then the book punched me in the face with feels and I read it in one night and my whole being was like this towards the book (look below)


There was also really important themes that were brought up in this book that I feel are important to know and get more of an in-depth view of what is happening because it is happening to people and I feel like it is just extremely important to know.




Yes, I do know that it is already becoming a movie but I am still super duper excited about it because this book killed my heart with everything that happened and then the ending was just like


You understand???? So I am just so excited about the book to movie adaption so JUST LOVE ANGIE THOMAS AND HER WORK BECAUSE SHE IS AN AMAZING WOMAN.

5. You fill it in. 

I have decided that you all can fill in the 5th spot for me with your dream book to movie adaption and why down in the comments so I can talk to all of my amazing beautiful munchkins.

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