Ani Gonzales Interview

Hello my little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing well. I was able to have the amazing opportunity to interview this amazing author so I can’t wait until you can read it. I FINISHED THE FIRST CHAPTER OF MY BOOK AND SO FAR THE PEOPLE I HAVE SHOWED IT TO HAVE LOVED IT SO I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY ABOUT THAT BECAUSE WHO WOULDN’T. Anyways, today is Saturday so I will be waiting to talk to you all later. I hope you all enjoy this post.

HERE is the link to my review of the book.




What is your writing kryptonite?

Romance and magic. I can’t resist adding a romance plotline somewhere and all my books have some kind of magical element to them. I also love quirky small towns. My two book series, Banshee Creek and Main Street Witches, both take place in a tiny, haunted town in Virginia.

What made you want to write this book?

Liam, the male protagonist in Here Comes the Witch, was a supporting character in my Banshee Creek romance series.
He’s the town contractor and since the town is full of haunted houses, his job is pretty interesting (I told you I liked quirky small towns!). The Hagen House Curse had also been featured in several of the romance books and I knew I had to resolve that somehow. I knew that someone would arrive in town to break that curse and turn Liam’s life upside down, so I just started writing, and, boom, Kat appeared.
As soon as I had that first scene where Kat arrives at the Banshee Creek Bakery (yes, it has brownies and, no, not just the ones you eat), I knew she was someone to be reckoned with. The Hagen House Curse really didn’t stand a chance.

Have you ever had difficulty coming up with an idea for your story?

No, I have too many ideas. The challenge is picking just one and focusing on it.
As a writer what would your spirit animal be?
An owl, specifically Bubo, Athena’s mechanical owl in Clash of the Titans. I love that movie.

What Hogwarts house would the main character of your book be sorted into?

This is a great question. The Main Street Witches series has three main characters. Kat, the protagonist of Here Comes the Witch, is definitely a Griffindor. She’s strong-willed and brave. Luanne, the fortuneteller from Fortune Favors the Witch, is a Ravenclaw, very much like Luna Lovegood. Fiona, the fire-witch protagonist in Some Like it Witchy, is definitely a Hufflepuff, albeit a hot-headed one.

While you were editing your book what were some thoughts that were going through your mind?

“I need to make this cooler and funnier” or “I need to kick this up a notch.” That’s pretty much my editing process. I try to crank up everything to eleven—more magic, more romance, more mystery.

How much research do you do for your books?

I do tons of research. I love urban legends and folktales and my books are full of references to old myths and legends, sometimes pretty obscure ones and other times stories that have become common tropes. That’s part of the fun for me, taking old stories and giving them an unexpected modern twist.
In Here Comes the Witch I took the classic haunted house tale and bent it a little bit. My witch, Kat Ramos, has a very interesting kind of magic and the ghost is not exactly what you would expect.

What do you believe is the hardest part of writing?

Sticking to one project and ignoring all the shiny new book ideas.


What is the easiest part of writing that you consider?

Coming up with ideas. I have tons of ideas.


How long on average does it take you to write a book?

About 6-8 weeks and then the endless editing starts. I’m a slow writer, which is very frustrating. It probably has to do with all the researching I do. I’m trying to become a faster writer.

How do you market your books?

I do a lot of sales and newsletter building. I just keep trying to get my books out there and build relationships with the readers. I think visibility is the biggest challenge for authors right now, so I also do a lot of collaborative projects like box sets and anthologies.
For example, in January I had a Magical Curiosity Shoppe story in the Hexes and Ohs box set, and in February I’ll make My Ghostly Valentine, the V-day themed Banshee Creek Romance, free from February 7th until the 9th. In March, I’ll probably do a Main Street Witches box set, or focus on marketing Fortune Favors the Witch.

Why did you choose said route?

Finding the right balance between writing and marketing is hard. You need to invest a lot of time and money in marketing, but you don’t want to neglect the writing part either. I do a big marketing push every month, something like a sale, new release, or box set. It used to be that you did that every three months, but the market is so crowded now that they cycle has shortened. I’d love to be able to do more writing and less marketing, but if I do that my books completely disappear.

How can your readers discover more about you and your work?

They can visit my website or my Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub author pages, or follow my Facebook or Twitter profiles. I also have a Facebook readers’ group, a Pinterest page, and an Instagram profile .

Where do you see publishing going in the future?

I wish I had a crystal ball. I honestly have no idea. As the market gets more competitive, I see a lot of indies going into hybrid arrangements. I think group branding, either as part of an author collective or a publishing line, will become more and more popular. Social media is becoming less and less useful as a marketing tool. Facebook used to be an advertising medium for me, but it’s now more of a virtual office where I build my author contacts and interact with the hardcore fans. Twitter is the office water-cooler. Instagram, Goodreads, and Pinterest are just for fun.

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