7 Things Book Bloggers Have To Deal With

Hello my favorite little munchkins. How are you all doing? I am doing okay. I am trying to get back into my school schedule for Monday and I have signed up for another community college class which will take place every Monday and Wednesday so I will not be able to talk that much on my blog those days. This post in no way has to deal with me specifically but some of what I have seen on other accounts. I hope you enjoy this post. I hope you all enjoy my rambles and you should defiantly check my twitter where I have mindless rambles, it is on the sidebar of my blog when you scroll down.

Anyways why don’t we get started.

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1.The Books

All book bloggers love books. I mean that is why we are talking about books almost everyday as we read more book and love more books and split our soul and give it to other books as we cry into the sky due to books.

But we never talk about some of the stress these books bring on us. I know I read extremely fast and can comprehend what I read which is what I am lucky to do but most people cannot due that. On top of that people have lives where they are needed on a daily basis. For example: School, Job, Writing, Families and many more things. Due to all of that many people have to take hiatus which can cause the followers to lose interest in the blogger as they are rarely posting content anymore and for people who were working with the blogger to break out of that partnership. Some bloggers even will end up deleting or stopping their blog after such things.

Yet, we all love books right? That is 100% true. I mean we are writing about our thoughts and opinions on books.

However, there is a certain mindset that we all need to read a thousand books in a year and then talk about them all and spend every living second repeating those steps. In certain cases that may be true but not in all.

Publishers and Authors, we love that we are getting to contact you and you contact us back yet we love it when you actually know our name and our blog when you contact us to review a certain piece of your product/artwork. There is a certain level of respect that we feel like we deserve as we are taking time out of our day to do these things, and we will return the same level of respect to you.

There are certain bloggers who just post negative review for the hell of it but that shouldn’t reflect on our whole community as when a author backlashed at a reviewer on what they may have said on a certain review which can ruin their career.

What I am trying to say is that not everyone has the same ideals and mind as you, we all make mistakes and none of us our perfect but when it comes to this we do try our best when we have other things going on in our life. If some of us take of time to get our lives settled out and we can’t post as much anymore it should be okay. We enjoy books and we LOVE them to death but there is a certain time were we may feel like we are being overwhelmed by books and have to take a break for a certain amount of time.


Some of us may be worried about of statistics. One reason would be because we believe that if we aren’t getting the same amount or more than we feel like we are doing worse than before. Another reason may be because, if we see that our stats have dropped than we may feel like our post isn’t the best (Which in some cases is the truth) but, do to that we may stop posting those types of posts and we may change our style (Which in some cases are good) and that can cause us to second guess everything we do on our blog then on out.


Let’s be honest here. Many people don’t comment or at least anymore and if they do it is for one reason or another. Larger blogs have taken their time to grow their platform which allowed for them to become a blog with a bigger follower base however it is still sad to see that rarely anyone comments on our posts anymore.


Yet when people do comment on our blog it makes our day. It is a great thing to experience. We work hard on our posts so that others can read them and we can talk to them so when you or anyone comments it makes us feel special. Having people comment is a great thing and I just wished that more people commented on all types of blogs from SMALL to LARGE even if they are from a DIFFERENT type of blog that we don’t go to usually.


WE love shelves. I mean they are the one thing that is keeping our little babies book no babies safe from falling and killing us with their weight and paper cuts.


Our book shelves keep all of our books organized by the way that we want them to be so that they are easy accessible to us. In turn letting us read more books quicker, find them easier, and it allows us to talk about the books on our blog easier.

Anyways we love buying more book accessories on top of our books and anything else with the tittle of BOOK in it. We are like little addicts. Anyways, what I am trying to say is that we all love our bookshelves wether we are a book blogger or just a reader.


I think this can relate to my rant above with under the book section. What I am going to say is that we don’t have all the time in our world to be on our blogs 24/7 but we always do try, for you guys. We will all die one day so until that day we will always try to do the things that we love and sometimes that may not always be this 24/7 as we get drained at moments, sad due to certain events, and many other such things.

What I am trying to say is that time is precious and that we always try to use it to the best of our abilities which sometimes not be in the favor for others, but we always do try.


5.Book Covers

We all LOVE or HATE certain book covers. I mean there is certain book covers that just make us go like



And other book covers that make us go like


So of course we are going to be human and judge AN ACUTAL BOOK COVER, because we humans love beauty. It is a natural thing to appreciate something that is beautiful. Yet, we all have a different view on what is beautiful and what is not so we appreciate all different types of book covers. I am just saying that us book bloggers have to deal with our love for different type of beautiful book covers.

6. Book Tours

We love helping out a book tour that allows us to help authors get more attention. It is a lovely thing that we love to do for people but sometimes we just like to say yes to everything which causes us to be overwhelmed with everything that is going on. Yet we still love to do it and I at least still do it.



WE love to do READATHONS. It is an amazing thing that book bloggers like to do so that we can get in contact with more of you. Yet sometimes they may go on for a long time period or a short time period that can cause us to either spend all of our time just reading and not doing anything or we don’t read and then feel bad about it. What I am saying is that READATHONS are enjoyable but we shouldn’t swarm ourselves with them when we know that certain events are going to happen, sometimes we are not in the right mindset, other times we are busy and lastly sometimes we just don’t want to read



We don’t want to read at certain moments? What in the world would ever cause that? Why aren’t we reading 24/7? (NOTE THE SARCASM PLEASE).

Anyways WE LOVE READING AND READATHONS, sometimes we just aren’t in the mood for it.


Everyone gets hate from people at one moment or another. Luckily I haven’t had that on my blog yet. However I have seen other book bloggers receive hate for THEIR OWN OPINION. It doesn’t make sense to me when people get angered by what someone else thinks. Unless of course it may hurt someone else then that point I would understand why someone would get angered at another for saying something that may hurt others. But when someone is just stating their opinion on a book for examples and then others attack that person because of one thing that they may think then that is total bullshit.

I mean imagine if you were casually sitting in a cafe talking to someone about something going on in you life and then all of a sudden the people around you start yelling at you that you are a “Failure”, “Shouldn’t do that because they wouldn’t”, “You are Wrong”, “You should be most considerate about how much someone else is doing even though it is hurting you” and more what would you do? Some people may talk back and others may just leave the whole situation all together.


What I am trying to say is that people have different opinions and we should respect them however, if something they say might hurt others than you should tell them that and do something about it but in no means should you ever tell someone to “Go kill themselves”, “Harm theirselves” or anything else that may hurt them as much as it would hurt others. You should report them or start a petition to get them removed from that certain area. Or even start a organization yourself that would help others.

Let's Chat-2

Tell me what you think about this post and if you have any other points the people should know? Thank you for reading and don’t forget to comment down below.Β 

21 thoughts on “7 Things Book Bloggers Have To Deal With

  1. So many good points made! I think we all put too much pressure on ourselves to read everything and review it, and then promote it and interact with others, whilst also dealing with daily life things such as family, friends and education/work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about the back of the book *FACEPALM*. Thank you for commenting and letting me know. I am so happy that you did and have a great day πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You can always let one of your shelves break but that probably wouldn’t be the best thing in the world. If anything you should go on a garage sales around your neighborhood and see if you can find any amazing shelves that you like for a cheap price or go on IKEA or ask for it for your birthday and any other holiday. Also you can always bring up the argument that since you have too many books you are running out of room and need to keep them in a bookshelf. Or you can make your own DIY bookshelf.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t do many readathons as I generally end up feeling stressed and restricted in what I’m reading, and I must admit stats are something I’m still mildly stressy over even after 7 months. I try and comment on other blogs as much as possible though 😊
    The only real hate I’ve ever got was the person who @ed me on Twitter saying I shouldn’t criticise Cressida Cowell cause I’d not written a book, but I just blocked them.
    Amy xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate when people act like that and I am sorry that someone did that to you. I love participating in readathons but I have such a busy life. Thank you for commenting and have a great day πŸ™‚


  3. Love this! So true how people don’t comment as much as they use too and everyone does seem to be getting quite a bit of hate over nothing these days. It’s hard being a book blogger some times but, then at the end of the day I still love it. I never want to do it 24/7 only because I feel like I might fall out of love with it which, I don’t want to do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. THAT was what I was trying to say in that whole entire post. I always try to comment back on other peoples posts and thank you for talking to me and have a great day πŸ™‚


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