The significance and amazingness of libraries in your kids’ eyes. 

Many people who are blogging either have kids or don’t so for you who don’t have kids you may be able to relate to some of the things I have to say when you where younger, but if you have a kid who loves reading you may be able to learn some interesting things.  I have been able to post twice in one day so I am doing great. I have just gotten a wonderful character template for my book and I am definitely going to outline after I do this post. I hope you are all having a great day and like this post. Anyways why don’t we get ahead to the post.

Please remember that these are all facts of which I have found or gathered from personal experiences and that they may not work on all children.

The significance and amazingness of libraries in your kids' eyes.

Some of the reasons it is important are in the following:

  • Some parents aren’t finically stable enough to pay for each book that just comes out.
    • They in turn usually by the books at a thrift store or go to a library.
    • HardCover books range from: 17-35 dollars.
    • PaperBack books range from 7-15 dollars.
  • Libraries are often at every single school which allows for the children to easily access the books and be able to read them.
  • Libraries a majority of the time have a program for children where they can all compete (which is something children like to do)  and allows for them to read more books and slowly gain a love for them.
  • Children who have had access to libraries since a young age have a much more excited version for reading according to State Library of Iowa which you can read about more HERE.
  • The librarians who work at the libraries are often magical people on children’s eyes.
    • Along with they can recommend you and your children books that you or they might have not thought to buy before, and in turn could allow for the children to gain a love for reading.
  • It is scientifically proven that reading more is healthier for the brain, but that doesn’t mean let you kid just read, read, read and not have a social life. You need to balance things out.
  • Owing a library card can allow your kid to have a sense of responsibility which can prepare them for the future.
    • Along with many libraries have a certain date by which you need to turn your books in or renew is which can also allow you kid to have a sense of responsibility.
  • Make sure to allow your child to pick books that they want to read as once the books that they are getting aren’t enjoyable they will start to have a distaste for the act of reading.
  • Make sure they and even you start to read more fiction as it taps into the imaginary part of the mind which young children will love very much and can even help you out.
    • It allows for them to see a different world and different situations all while in the comfort of the place they are in.
  • Once your children get into a higher grade they can start researching at a higher degree through the libraries which is an amazing factor when it comes to homework.
  • Some libraries have free classes and seminars.
    • This can allow for you and your child to spend more time together, meet new people, and learn something new all at the same time. Allowing for some bonding time which your child craves.

Please remember that I have found these facts and that they may not be all accurate but coming from a bookworm myself it is a great experience to find books, start reading and have a passion for reading long after.

I hope some of these may help you and, if you have any other factors you may like to add or any questions please put them down below in the comments.

Thank you for reading and have a great day 😄

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