Modern Persuasion by Sara Marks

Modern PersuasionModern Persuasion (21st Century Austen #1)
by Sara Marks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: New Adult, Adult
Release Date: May 29, 2017

Which would you pick: the person you love or your own dreams?

What would you do if given a second chance at that decision?

Eight years ago Emma Shaw picked her career and family over the man she loved, Fredrick Wentworth. Since then she has built a career in publishing and spends her free time making sure her father and sisters are taken care of. Fredrick has spent the same years building his career as a screenwriter under increasing public scrutiny as a celebrity. When the editor of Fredrick’s first book is injured, Emma is forced to travel with Fredrick on his book tour.

Tension builds for the two former lovers over the course of the tour. Emma and Fredrick must face their emotional baggage and their misunderstanding about how their break-up impacted the other. Will they be able to find their way back together for a second chance at love?

My Review:

  • Things I loved:
    • The World Building in the book.
      • I loved how in detail and the pace in which the world building took place throughout the novel.
    • How it was involved in the formatting of the book was.
      • By that I mean there is some scenes where the characters are texting each other and it was enjoyable to read it in a different format compared to the rest of the book and many other books in the book industry.
    • The pace of the book.
      • I loved how this book wasn’t too fast for me but also not too slow and because of that it allowed for me to have my full attention while reading the novel compared to half-reading it.
    • Emma’s relationships in her life.
      • I loved the relationships she has with her friends and family as it was realistic in my perspective.
      • I also loved how she felt about her job and how certain feelings had led to her doing certain things, which happens in everyday life.
  • I did NOT care for:
    • There was certain moments in the book that felt flat and unrealistic in sorts, by which I mean the dialogue.
      • I feel that dialogue is something that is very important in a story and I wished that there was more attention to detail in that area.
    • There was grammar mistakes in the book.
      • By no means am I the best at grammar but I do believe that if you are a writer and have a team behind you, one of which is an Editor, they should be able to fix those problems before the books comes out to make it the best, polished version it can be.
  • In conclusion, this is a wonderful retail or Persuasion By Jane Austen and I believe fans of that author may enjoy reading this book.

I give this book 3/5 stars. 

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Sara MarksAbout the Author:

By day Sara Marks is a librarian in Massachusetts, but by night she’s an author, knitter, and Wikipedian. She has been writing as part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) since 2004. Her first novel, Modern Persuasion, was published in May 2017 with Illuminated Myth Publishing. Her second novel, Phi Alpha Pi, is set for release in May 2018.

Born in Boston, MA and raised in Miami, FL, Sara attended Florida State University for 3 years. She eventually graduated with an A.A from Miami-Dade College and a B.A. from Florida International University before moving back to Boston for graduate school. There she got her M.S. in Library and Information Science from Simmons College and a M.S. in Communications from Fitchburg State University. Now Sara lives in Lowell, MA where she works with local writing group Mill Pages, which creates an annual anthology of short stories, poems, and art work. She is a member of the Society of Independent Publishers and Authors (SIPA), a group supporting writers in the Merrimack Valley.

You can find and contact Sara Marks here:

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