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This is my stop during the book blitz for There be Demons by M. K. Theodoratus. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 1 till 14 December. See the tour schedule here.

There be DemonsThere Be Demons
By M. K. Theodoratus
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: 26 September 2017

Heroes come in all shapes.

The war for Andor has lasted a century. Humans and their allies, the Angeli, fight demons from another plane who need a warmer planet to hatch and raise their young. Trebridge becomes Ground zero when Abraxas, a minion of the demon Prince Vetis, opens a secret portal into the city. The demons’ goal is to build an army to subjugate the city before the humans realize they are under attack.

Standing in the demons’ way are two disparate groups: the humans of Andor and their Angeli allies who command gargoyle warriors.

Leading the four gargoyles guarding Trebridge is Gillen, a proven war hero who uses magic to fight demons. But Gillen is an outcast, mocked for his tuft of hair that normal gargoyles lack. It’s up to him to prove once and for all that he’s worthy of his command, in spite of dissention in his ranks. When Gillen asks the Angeli Commanders for reinforcements to fight the growing demon menace in Trebridge, headquarters send four human teens from the projects.

The leader of the humans is Britt, a 14-year-old half-Hispanic girl who is one of the four magic-possessing Chosen. But Britt was never trained in the art of magic, and like most girls her age, spends her days preoccupied with school and romance. Like Gillen, she must rise above her station in life–if she is to save the ones she loves.

But Gillen and Britt are facing formidable demon foes, Abraxas: a chicken-headed demon who possesses several humans as part of his plan to build the demons’ base in Trebridge and power-hungry Prince Vetis who is his commander. Neither will let the deaths of expendable humans get in their way of the conquest.

In There Be Demons, author M.K. Theodoratus spins a brilliant tale of good versus evil. In this thrilling Young Adult fantasy novel, unlikely heroes rise to challenge a relentless enemy. Join them as they risk everything to save their city.

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M. K. TheodoratusAbout the Author:
Fantasy has always been part of M. K. Theodoratus’ life, starting when she starting playing with an imaginary friend when she was three. Comics, books, TV, and movies followed throughout her life. A northern California girl, many of her Andor alternative-world stories are firmly rooted there. Today, she lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and two lap-cats, and writes when she’s not wasting time on social media.

You can find and contact M. K. Theodoratus here:

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Excerpt One:

“There are at least three kinds of imps prowling the city. The normal blotchy ones,
feathered ones, and others with horns I’ve never seen before in Trebridge.”
Gillen gasped and began shaking his head over the strength of the imp packs. Has
Abraxas gained allies on this plane?
He shuddered. The gargoyles’ problems just kept growing.
The next morning, Gillen squatted in the shadows of the north transept with the Frens
and Treasa. Frens rested lightly on a left leg that had been gashed by an imp, his last
wound from the night. Gillen licked his smarting chest and arms where claw and tooth
punctures peppered his skin like fleas. The gargoyles blended their bodies with the
color of the stone and basked in the pools of clear sunlight coming through the
windowless frames on the high walls.
Orvil was out on another unnecessary daytime patrol somewhere. None of the other
gargoyles had objected, though everyone, even humans, knew imps avoided sunlight.
Gillen relaxed in spite of the bleak, dismantled church below and enjoyed the moment of
Waiting for Orvil’s return, Gillen bent his head and scratched the tip of his ear with his
claws. Am I weak because I seldom order Orvil to do only as I say? He considered his
dilemma. But, we need to be a team. We are so outnumbered that the squad needs to
think for themselves.
Gillen licked the slash along his arm where imp teeth had ripped it. He glanced over
to where Treasa and Frens licked their wounds and wondered if they were as sore as
he was.
Where are the fiends coming from? Can they now travel over land from city to city?
Gillen shuddered at the possibility demons might no longer be tied to the seeps. We are
spread too thin. We need Chosen. More gargoyles. Now. Are the Angeli Commanders
sitting on their thumbs?
Bowing his head, Gillen asked forgiveness for the rebellious thoughts, but he still
questioned his masters. He turned his attention to the men working below who checked
the explosives that would destroy St. Edmund’s under the careful gaze of the foreman.
Gillen was so bemused watching the men for any signs of having Grace, of their being a
Chosen, that he missed Orvil sneaking up beside him.
“Are you wasting time watching that annoying the foreman again?” Orvil sneered,
crowding him with his greater muscular strength. “You can’t save the church, toad-star.”
Gillen’s lips tightened over his fangs. Orvil’s skin was sleek and lacked healing
wounds. Remembering how often Uzzeel told him to be patient with Orvil, he took a
deep breath to contain his anger. “Only divine intervention can save the church.”
Treasa’s soft laugh echoed off the ceiling. “Did I just hear you two agree on
“I just stated the obvious.” Her amusement annoyed Gillen. “You taking lessons from
Treasa stretched her wings. “It’s time to check the docklands before my nap. You
guys, enjoy your naps after you sink into your images like the Angeli told you.”

Glancing back toward where Orvil had disappeared, she moved closer to Gillen to
whisper. “The muggings are increasing up the river and getting nastier near the
Docklands, especially near the Citywide Faith Fellowship. I overheard a couple
homeless men whispering when they hid their carts in the culvert near our park.”
“Why didn’t Orvil say anything?”
Treasa paused. “I don’t think he gets close enough to humans to hear what they
“One of them almost died from a beating,” said Frens, opening one eye. “Still had a
bandage on his forehead. Had to have sutures.”
“Could human teens be the culprits?” Gillen asked hopefully.
“Teens aren’t strong enough to throw men against a wall or break their necks,”
Treasa said. “Don’t lick the bones clean and hide them either.”
Treasa disappeared through the window. She seldom lingered to gossip or complain.
The news sent shivers of unease through Gillen. “Perhaps I have been paying too
much attention to the foreman, but I’ve been trying to locate our Chosen. The workers
are the logical place to find them.”

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