How To Over Come A (Stupid, Annoying, Common, Pain In The Butt) Reading Slump

Hello my fellow little munchkins!!!!!!!! How are you all doing? I am doing good. Today I thought to do this prompt which is HOW TO GET OVER A READING SLUMP with a couple of curse words along the way. I am officially on break for American thanksgiving so I will be able to post a little bit more but I still have a lot of homework to do and my outside of high school classes.

Here is a little sidetrack but is there any really good TV recommendations that you may have for me. I really like the following shows and if any of the recommendations are close to that may you tell me? They are:

  • Modern Family
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Friends
  • Teen Wolf
  • The 100
  • The Originals
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Walking Dead
  • Fear The Walking Dead
  • The Good Doctor
  • Kevin Probably Saves The World
  • Survivor

And I believe that is all of them. Anyways didn’t you come here to get some time to get over a reading slump.

Tip #1 Watch TV/Movies and set reading goals

Watch TV or movies. If that has caused you to go into your reading slump then watch a episode of a show and then read a chapter allowing for you to get both done and feel accomplished. So then you feel like you are also killing your reading slump slowly.


Tip #2 Read other books outside your reading genre

Look at other books outside of your regular reading genre. You may be going into the dreadful slump because you keep on reading the same type of story over and over again. If you like to read young adult try reading mystery or horror. If you read middle grade try reading comics. If you read fantasy try reading adult or science fiction books and see if that is causing you to slowly get out fo your reading slump.


Tip #3 BOOKSTORE!!!!

Try going to bookstore. Browse the books. Stroke the books. Smell the books. Buy the books. Just do what feels right in the moment in the bookstore but DO NOT STEAL. Walk up to others and just start talking to them about books. Scare them out of the aisle so you can get the book. Ask the people at the bookstore where they got their shelves. Look at all the bookish merchandise. Buy the merchandise. Sign up for newsletters. Ask about future book signings. Travel to every single bookstore in your area.


Tip #4 Find a book loving friend

Find others who love books as much as you do and start to talk about books with them. Make friends and book talk everything up.

Tip #5 Re-read favorite book

Re-read a favorite book of yours while listing to the audiobook or music. I like to listen to one song on repeat when I am reading a book so that every time I hear that song I am able to associate everything in that book and the book in general to the song when I hear it but if you can’t do that then find a really good audio book version of said book and listen to that while or while not reading and see if that may transfer you into a different form of reading or makes you appreciate your favorite book more.


As you may see I may love Dylan O’Brien a little bit more than the average person but I do not care.

Let's Chat-2

Tell me if any of the 5 steps may have helped you in getting over your reading slump? Are you in a reading slump? What is your favorite book? Do you like physical reading or listing to the books? Is anyone who is reading this on school break? 

Don’t forget to comment, like, share and follow my fellow little munchkins. 


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