Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate Review

Hello my fellow little cute little munchkins, it is your Queen speaking and I have but one question to ask you, HOW ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am doing well-ish if you may so have asked to yourself or to me in the comments!! But yeah, I am REALLY far behind on NaNoWriMo and it is for several reasons which is a post that I will be linking to here. I have read this book awhile ago so I decided, “Hey. Why not review it on ze blog?” and now I am here doing that exact thing.


AUTHOR: Riley Redgate

GENRE: Young Adult, Contemporary, Peer Pressure, Theater

PAGES: 356

PUBLISHER: Amulet Books

PUBLISHING DATE: March 8, 2016

Description according to amazon, “In Seven Ways We Lie, a chance encounter tangles the lives of seven high school students, each resisting the allure of one of the seven deadly sins, and each telling their story from their seven distinct points of view.
The juniors at Paloma High School all have their secrets, whether it’s the thespian who hides her trust issues onstage, the closeted pansexual who only cares about his drug-dealing profits, or the neurotic genius who’s planted the seed of a school scandal. But it’s Juniper Kipling who has the furthest to fall. No one would argue that Juniper—obedient daughter, salutatorian, natural beauty, and loyal friend—is anything but perfect. Everyone knows she’s a saint, not a sinner; but when love is involved, who is Juniper to resist temptation? When she begins to crave more and more of the one person she can’t have, her charmed life starts to unravel.
Then rumors of a student–teacher affair hit the fan. After Juniper accidentally exposes her secret at a party, her fate falls into the hands of the other six sinners, bringing them into one another’s orbits. All seven are guilty of something. Together, they could save one another from their temptations—or be ruined by them.
Riley Redgate’s twisty YA debut effortlessly weaves humor, heartbreak, and redemption into a drama that fans of Jenny Han and Stephanie Perkins will adore”

Thoughts And Opinions On This Book:

  • Before I go into my review I would like you to know that I went into this book without having anything in relations to this book wether it was my sexuality to my own thoughts and onions.
  • I really liked how we got to see everything from 7 diffrent types of point of view.
    • However just like going through a multi-perspective and liking some point of views I also disliked one, because I didn’t really like how it was written.
  • I loved how the whole concept was to have each character relate to a mortal sin.
    • However it at a certain point was difficult to figure out who was which sin, as they could’ve been more than one or they could’ve been neither.
      • So you really have to analyze the book to make sure who is what sin.
  • This book is very relatable as they all almost go through each thing that a person in real life does, most specifically teenagers.
  • This book like most other books had a major character AND plot development, and it all connected back together.
    • Each perspective and findings in the book all come back full circle in the end, which was something that I loved.
  • There is a few warnings I want to put for this book such as:
    • There is slut-shaming.
    • There is outing, and by that I mean someone outs another persons sexuality.
    • There is a relationship in this story that is very much illegal as it is between a teacher and student.

In conclusion, I really liked this book but I wouldn’t consider it the best out of the best.

4/5 Stars


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Have you read this book? If so what did you think about it? Do you have any book recommendations for me? Do you like my reviews? Is there any way in can improve?


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