HalloReadAThon Day 10th and 11th

Hello everyone. I am SUPER DUPER SORRY that I didn’t post today. So I am going to double post today in this post. The prompts for today are:

  • Day Ten: Spooky book to movie adaptions. A Book to Movie Adaption That you didn’t like and why.
  • Day Eleven: Talk about a diverse concept that you love and why.

I am so excited to be doing this readathon with a bunch of lovely friends of mine. I really hope you are enjoy this and are participating but as I do know that it is November which means NaNoWriMo than I do understand because I really haven’t been as involved as I liked to.

I am going to start of with Day eleven as I find it easier to talk about.

The diverse concept that I love is anything focusing around someone with a mental disorder or illness. The reason why is because my mother had a mental illness and yet I had and still will have a bad relationship with her I don’t want that to affect/effect (Whichever the one is) me and influence how I treat others.

Spooky Book To Movie Adaptions

A few Really Bad book to movie adaptions in my opinion are:

1.The Whole Divergent Series.

2.The Giver.

3.The Maze Runner.

4.The Mortal Instruments.

5.Beautiful Creatures.

The reason why I listed all of these movies should be very obvious to many of you since these are all very important book and movie franchise, or at least they were for their time. All of these books lack:

  • What the point of the story was.
  • Certain scenes that REALLY made the book THE BOOk. (You know what I mean, Right?)
  • Some of the movies went almost 100% off of what was in the book.
  • The endings all sucked. HARDCORE!
  • The actors and actresses aren’t able to really pull of what the character was all about. No matter how hard they tried.
  • The cast was completely wrong in some peoples opinions or maybe some of your favorite characters weren’t even in the movie.
  • The movie was to quick to get everything that was needed down and more importantly correctly.
  • The setting was wrong. And by wrong I mean COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY, RIP MY HEART OUT OF MY CHEST WRONG.
  • Much of the book that connected to you was being able to tell how the characters were feeling or reading about that but with the movie that is not possible and you just can’t seem to get into it.

In the end these are just a few of the ways of how a book to movie adaption may go wrong, theses are the book to movie adaptions that I am very much disappointed in and I wish were done better, and that was one thing that I love about diversity in books.

Once again I am sorry that this is so late and so short but I had my Wi-Fi down all day so I wasn’t able to post. Once again sorry but don’t forget to follow, comment, love and share


You are amazing my little munchkins and I am so happy that you have visited the Queen of Munchkins blog today.

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