HalloReadAThon Day9: All Hallows Eve Book Tag.

You answer the following questions on a blog/vlog brought to you by the lovely and amazing https://erisbookwonderland.wordpress.com who came up with the following question.

1.All Hallows Eve -Pick a book with a mask on the cover.

2. Who let the ghost out?- A book that gave you chills

A book that gave me chills had to be The Call by Leader O’Gullin. I am so sorry if I chopped that name up. Please don’t shun me.

3.Devil or Saint?- Favorite Good/Bad/Grey characters.

Mine would have to be Devil, and that would be The Darkling from the Grisha Series.

4.Fall into books- Book/s that put you into the fall sprit/mood

Any book with a mystery or where hot chocolate is brought up. I do love me some hot chocolate.

5.Cover Goals- Choose a book you bought because of the cover

I bought Illuminae for the cover and one day I will read it. Just not yet.

6.Let’s give thanks- Book you are most thankful for have reading

The book that I am most thankful for reading is The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas.

7.Diversity- Pick a book whose main character’s culture is different from your own

The Sun Is Also A Star is a book that has a character that comes from a different background compared to me. Actually both of the main characters  come from different background compared to me.

8.The year’s almost over- Favorite book of 2017

A Court Of Wing and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. 

9.It’s getting colder- Book you are hoping to read by the end of the year

War & Peace, but I probably won’t so……………….😂😂😂

10. Most anticipated release for 2018

I currently at this moment am not excited for any books coming out in 2018. But if you have an recommendations please leave it down in the comments so I can check them out.


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