HalloReadAThon Day Eight: Synopsis From Villains POV

Hello my fellow little munchkins. How are you doing this day? I am like always, incredibly tired but thankfully I have friday off so I can get some of my much needed sleep. The prompt for the day is to write a book synopsis from a villains POV. But I realized that I did a post just like this that I very much liked and if you click here you can find out more about it.

So instead of doing another and tiring my brain even more I am going to do a quick little post about me.

My name is Alexandra and I run this blog obviously. I am a very sarcastic person at moment, I need my sleep to keep me happy and I am a dog person.

My facvorite color is yellow but I also love green, blue and brown. My favorite childhood movie was beauty and the beast.

I am currently trying to write a novel and in my opinion it is working out pretty well. I mean THERE IS GOING TO BE WATER TIGERS IN IT.  So if you don’t think that is cool than we can’t be friends. I love making friends and eating pizza. Fanfiction is a guilty pleasure of mine. I read faster than the average person, Ask anyone I know and they can vouch for me.

I love friends, how i met your mother, modern family, teen wolf, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, shadowhunters, harry potter, and then 100 as TV and Movie.

I don’t really care for book to movie adaptions unless they are done right.

That is is tell me some new and interesting things about yourself down below, don’t forget to join in on the HalloReadAThonad and Follow me, your queen 😂.

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