HalloReadAThon Day Two:Favorite Fall Memory

Hello Munckins. Today is the second day of the readathon and I bet you all are getting over your candy hangover πŸ˜‚. Okay but todays prompt is to talk about your favorite fall memory. So I am here to deliver *Bows*. Are you ready to here ?!?!?!?!?!?!

First of all I need to give you some insight:

  • I don’t know what this is called or if even is a problem, but I can’t remember certain things. Such as you know how your brain gets rid of the bad memories and keeps the good. Well…..my brain is a little different.
    • I can remember some of the good but I remember a lot of the bad.
    • Along with I can only remember things from a certain age such as,
      • I can remember something that happened when I was three. Like holding my baby brother.
      • But I can also remember certain things such as, The food I ate a month ago.
        • But I can’t remember other things, like the first day of school, and other extremely important stuff but I am able to recite passages of books, make things from scratch, outline a book, remember my high school/community college homework from two weeks ago.

So yeah. Anyways One of my favorite fall memories was when My little brother, My dad and I all went to this pumpkin patch when I was 5 and I went zip-lining for the first time over a pumpkin patch while my dad and brother cheered me on.


Well, That is it. I hope you liked this little insight into my weird mind. Tell me one of your favorite fall memories or link your post in the comments section πŸ™‚



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