Angels In Books (My Thoughts And Opinions On Them)

Hello Munchkins!!! How are all of you. I am currently still debating whether I should do NaNoWriMo because on some levels it will benefit me yet on other levels it will

I am here today to talk about Angels in books, or my favorite category FALLEN angles. There is just something about a fallen angel story that gets me no matter how many people dislike it. ‘CAUSE I LOVE ME SOME FALLEN ANGLES. Have any of your read any books about Angels or Fallen Angels.

I have and they are:




Fallen series

Now, I have all different kinds of opinions on each of these books but they are all great in my opinion for different reasons.

Now onto the discussion:


  • I personally LOVE* reading books with fallen angels in them because I love the history of how they fell.

  • I will write my reviews on these three book series when I can and post the link here.

  • I feel like If you really know what you are writing about it can make the book 1,000 times better and I see that especially when I am reading a angel/fallen angel book.

  •  That is all I have so I don’t really have that many points so if you have any points please let me know.

*I am personally biased towards this discussion since I love fallen angels so if you have any other opinions than please say them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to comment and follow.

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