HalloReadAThon Day One: November TBR

Hey munchkins. Today is the first day of November which also means it’s the first day of the HALLOREADATHON!!!!!! 

I am posting this as if it was november for me already since I live in America. But hey, Have fun and Enjoy.

Also I just got back from going to run errands and going to the hospital with my dad so I am dog tired. How about you?

I am so excited! Are you? Will you join? Tell me down below.

Okay so the first prompt of today is the November TBR.

I am planning on reading a couple of books but I probably won’t finish them all, but hey I am going to try.

1.Catcher in the Rye.


2.Turtles all the way down.




4. Project SemiColon.


5. One Dark Throne.


6.Stalking Jack The Ripper.


And any other books I can get my hands on after I finish all of theses books.

Tell me what your November TBR is. My posts for the next two weeks will be longer than this one since it was pretty short  😂. But hey, whatever. Also if you are participating in the HalloReadAThon than link everything to me and my fellow friends. Their links are in this post: https://alexandrareads1.wordpress.com/2017/10/29/halloreadathon-announcement/

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