A Diffrent Kind of Lovely Review+Expert+Interview



Author: Petra March

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Fiction.

Publisher:Petra F. Bagnardi; 1 edition

Publishing Date: May 23, 2017

Pages: 350


Description according to Amazon, ““A man with a damaged soul fell in love with a ballerina with a broken body.”

When Neal Medwin glimpses Mina Automne for the first time, he’s a man whose soul is darkened with memories of a painful past, whereas Mina is a vibrant, strong, young woman. She’s a determined ballerina who’s carefully planning and painting her life.
Neal steps into her existence and threatens to shatter Mina’s plans with an impossible request.
Mina can’t help the fragile man who’s invading her home, even though their parents used to be close friends and she knows of Neal’s hurtful background. She allows him to linger within her lovely and artistic world, however, hoping he might find some peace and solace.
Slowly, their conflict turns into friendship, and eventually into love, until a terrible discovery ruins Mina’s projects and forces her to let go of all her dreams, and of her sweet, damaged man.
Neal is unable to fight for Mina and for the unripe love they share, because he’s not ready to leave his past behind. He’s not strong enough – not yet.”


My First Thoughts:

  • My first thoughts were blank as I was coming in to this story besides knowing that it heavily represent Romance and it has Ballerinas in it.

Thought I had During and After:

  • This book had an extreme amount of cliche moments in the book, but I do love cliches so I personally loved it.
  • I loved how the characters tried to help the other.
  • The beginning of the story felt a little slow for me but after awhile I really started to get into it so when you are reading it just make sure to keep on going through the first couple of chapters to get to all of the warm and juicy parts.
  • As I was reading I found that this wasn’t just any normal romance novel but there was lingering secrets inside the novel.
  • The character development in this novel was a slow and steady progress but if all-in-all was phenomenal.
  • The setting was also done is a beautiful way as it was easy for me to see everything that was going on in the novel.
  • The story does contain several erotic scenes so keep that in mind when buying the book.
    • This book also contains a ballerina theme in it so, if you like reading that than I would recommend this book to you.
  • One problem I had with this story was that whenever things got serious the two main character decided to have sex to ignore the situation in the present.


I give this book a 3/5 Stars

Expert: Prologue

“Mina Automne danced through the pain until she managed to turn it into pleasure. She didn’t need music to accompany the movements of her legs, of her arms, of her fingers, for the wind was the conductor of an orchestra of the most particular instruments. It shook the leaves of apple trees and made them chime. It played among grapevines and teased them like fingertips on violin strings.

The lavender flowers bowed forward as Mina’s neck arched gracefully backwards.

The weeds trembled, while Mina’s body spun and leaped higher and lighter.

The sky above was a cerulean blue, dotted with pure white clouds, and Mina’s lithe limbs reached for those unblemished shapes.

When she danced, her parents’ disapproval did not matter; when her frame played, the hurtful words of her ex-lover could not break her.

Mina was shaping her life around her art, and she was going to be the greatest. There was nothing wrong with her choices, and there was nothing wrong with her body. She was meant to be a ballerina, and she was capable of feeling pleasure.

The wind teased her fiery red curls; the long strands caressed her bare shoulders and arms, and her blood felt ablaze with adrenaline. Beads of sweat ran along the pale skin of her face, and touched her lips. Mina licked the drops, and tasted salt mingled with excitement. She arched up towards the bright sky, and declared herself a creature of power and beauty.”



1.If you could tell your younger writing self something, what would it be?

Believe in your story and in your characters.

2.Have you ever had difficulty coming up with an idea for your story?

No, never.

3.What word would sum up your book?



4.When did you decide the you wanted to become a writer?

When I was six.


5.Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

I always write my first draft in a notebook, and then the second, third etc… on the computer.

6.How can your readers discover more about you and your work?

Through my website and my socials; authorpetramarch.weebly.com, and Facebook: @AuthorPetraMarch.

A Different Kind of Lovely: A Novel, by Petra March

Copyright 2017 Petra March. All rights reserved.

Editors: Michelle Ryles (The Book Magnet), Heather Sheffield (The Turning Pages),Sharon Taylor Xuereb (@sharonsbooknook)

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