Book Adaptations from: TV V.S. Movie (Which one is better?)

Hello Munchkins!!!! How are you today? I am good-ish. I mean school is okay I am just getting killed by 3781540 pages of homework I have to do by tommorow not including AN essay 😣.

I am planning some fun new blog posts that will be coming to you from a blog notification soon.

*Get it. I hate myself 😂


Okay, So I am going to be talking about which book to screen adaption is better: TV Or MOVIES????

I am going to be basing this off all of the movies and Tv shows I may have seen that are book to screen adaptations so I may be biased compared to others.


  • They have less screen time to get what was in the book into the movie. 
  • They movie may not get everything in from what the book had. 
  • They movie may not even be like the book 
    • AKA: Percy Jackson
      *We were all thinking that. Don’t even deny it. 
  • Depending on who has control of the production they may get a majority of the points across. 


  • They have the ability to get all of the points across. 
  • They have wiggle room. 
  • They have more time. 
    • Since they have more time they can go off the original plot of the book. 
  • They may not have enough material. 
  • There is commercials.

That is all I have so please comment below which one you like better for book to screen adaptations. 

Also comment down below other point that can be added to either list. 

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow 

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