Hello munchkins I was tagged by @Taiwo B To do this tag And I hope you enjoy it.  How have you all been doing? I am sadly going back to school so that means less and less sleep HORRAY! I had this great idea for something and if I ever finish it and get it done and out into the world it will be amazing but we will see.

1.Ebook or Physical Book?

For me personally, I love the feel of a real book in my hands. I love that sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish that book and I look at how long it was and how big it was and I feel like, “Damn, I did pretty well.” Also have any of you ever smelt a book you can’t really do that with a Ebook no matter how much cheaper they are.

*Wallet Cries For Eternity Along With My Sanity*

2.Paperback Or Hardback?

I love a hardback just because when I read them the spine doesn’t break and the book doesn’t get ruined as easily as a paperback no matter how much they cost. Plus, Have you ever seen a nice naked book. THEY ARE GORGEOUS.


3.Online Or In-Store Shopping?

Can I choose both? I’m gonna choose both. I mean for one online is WAYYYYYYY CHEAPER!!! BUT on the flip side In-store shopping is the best thing in the world. I overrule this question and choose both!

4.Trilogies Or Series?

I love reading a good endless LONG series but there are some out there that feel after a while bland, but then again a trilogy can become a very fast paced book and I want to know these characters forever and like don’t ever stop writing. I would have to choose Series.

5.Heros Or Villains?

That is so easy, VILLAINS! They are best but only when they are like understandable villains. Like you see why they became that type of villain and why they are still like that and E.T.C……..

6.A Book I Want Everyone To Read?

This is a tough question because I want to say The Harry Potter Series but everyone says that.

So my answer would have to be Look Homeward, Angel By Thomas Wolfe

7.Recommend An Underrated Book?

The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence.

8.The Last Book I Finished?

The last book I finished would have to be The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas, But I re-read that book.

9.Weridist Thing I’ve Used As A Bookmark?

Okay, So I usually grab whatever I can find to put there as a book mark and one day I grabbed a tampon (That Was Still In The Wrapper!!!!) And I used it as a bookmark.

10.Used Books: Yes Or No?


11.Top Three Favorite Genres?




12.Borrow Or Buy?

BUY! You need to support authors. Also I can’t stand the fact of not having said book so I very rarely borrow.

13.Characters Or Plot?

A good character in a book can make the crappiest of plots work. Or at least in my opinion.

14.Long Or Short Books?

I like my long books. Need to become emotionally attached to the characters so than the author can murder them brutally.

*cries in pain*

15.Long Or Short Chapters?

For me it depends on what is happening in the story and if it feels like to much at a certain point. I would say 15-17 page chapters are the best.

16.The First Three Books I Can Think Of?

Eve By Jenna Moreci

Harry Potter By J.K. Rowling

The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas

17.Our World Or Fictional World?

A fictional world where everything is somewhat better.?/?

18.Audiobooks: Yes Or No?

I don’t really care for them that much right now in my life but I am trying to slowly go into that type of reading also. So yes and no.

19.Ever Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

100%. I mean if you haven’t you are either lying, your books never ever have covers on them and just straight to the words or you don’t read.

20.Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations.

Book to TV Adaptions. I just feel like they are able to communicate everything more in a better time manner. If that makes sense?

21.A Movie Or TV Show That I Prefer To The Book?

I prefer the 5th wave to the book.

22.Series Or Standalone?

Series, Always and forever! But I am also totally fine with standalone.

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