Book Titles: What do the mean and why do we have them?

Hello Munchkins!!! How are you all doing? I am doing pretty okay. Actually one of my friends and I over on Instagram decided to host a weekend readathon called “HalloReadAThon” And it will be hosted by us over, her on Instagram and me on blogs and we will be doing reading sprints. If you want to check out of twitter account than this is the username: @Halloread_AThon

Okay back to topic. What are book titles? What do they mean? Why do we even have them? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE TITLE? HOW MANY PAGES DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TITLE. Get it? *Wink* *Wink*

Hunger Games:


A.) Why would this book be called this. I mean they aren’t starving. If you want to think of it they are in a hunger FOR BLOOD!!!

B.) How does this coordinate towards the plot of the book. I mean in certain aspects it does but it really doesn’t.



A.) This is a time not in any way coordinating to the book in an aspect.

B.) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

C.) I mean what did she think when making this book title? Did she throw times and parts of the day into a hat and pick out a random piece of paper that said, “Twillight”?

Any Contemporary Ever:


A.) All they have is names in the title or some really catchy yet annoying catch phrase.

Books Featuring Dogs:


Any Book with a main character who has a dog as the MC (Main Character) has the main tittle either stating the dogs name, dogs in general or dog tricks, E.T.C.

So tell me what you think about this or if you agree. I kinda decided to make this post based on Xtinmays post about book titles and since it looked so fun I wanted to transfer it to the bookish community. Enjoy.







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