Harry Potter Characters πŸ˜

Hey munckins. The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here and I am so excited. So for this post I will be talking about my favorite harry potter characters and why I love and always will love them. I may talk about some spoiler so be prepared to proceed with caution!!!

  1. Sirius Black

The reason why I love him is probably so cliche and stereotypical. As I have a thing for the damaged characters who can seem like jerks but are really sweet cuddly teddy bears. Man I wish I had a bear right now. Okay done with the sidetrack. So back to Sirius Black. He is the best character in my opinion and he has the greatest friendships even if one of his so called “Friends” is a backstabbing ************* ****** ***** ******* *********** *****. So yeah he is the best in general and I could go on for like 2,000,000 years telling you why he is amazing but you probably wouldn’t want to read all of that. But yeah he is the love of my fictional life, especially as he was a teenager.


2. Harry and James Potter.

I am putting them in here as one even though James is his father. So I’m going to make this short and sweet. James is just AMAZING, even though he was a bad character for certain reasons he became better as he grew and matured. Harry went through the same processes as his father except he, in my opinion, was not like his father in the bad character area. Harry even though he had his flaws was a great character that matured into the character/person he is today.


3. Β Remus Lupin

As he dealt with his personal problems he also was able to help out others. He is literally one of the sweetest, precious, kindest and craziest character I ever have read. I know as I grow as a reader I will read about other characters who surpass all of those areas but for me Remus will always be the best as he was the first, for me. He was just AWW AND UGH AND YES!!!! You know? ‘Cause I do. I picked out these two pictures to represent him when he was young and as an adult.

4. Hermione

She is the epitome of a strong and powerful female character, even better she is a book nerd like the rest of the community of us bookworm loving nerds. Who would rather spend a day reading a book than going to a party. She was a muggleborn and that makes us all relate more to her since we never personally got our letters, but we did get our letters in a way as we read the books and saw the movies we went through the wizarding world.


Okay that is the end of this post. I hope you liked it. Please subscribe to see more as I will be trying to post at least 3 times a week, some other times I will post more. Comment down below on what you think about this post.

Love you Munckins.

Queen Munckin Out.

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