Ebooks Vs. Physical (Paperback Vs. Hardback)

Ebook vs Print Books

Hey Munchkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you??????????????????????????

So today I decided to do a post where I talk about the Pro’s and the Con’s of Ebook and Physical book and than I have a subcategory for physical book where sit is paperback and hardback and than lastly I am going to be talking about audiobooks. I will be adding and subtracting the points to get its final score. If you have any other things that can go onto the list than comment below. And don’t forget to suscribe to see more posts by the Queen Munckin, MWAH.



  1. You can take it anywhere.
  2. You can read it on many platforms
  3. It’s cheaper.
  4. Delivered almost instantly.
  5. No trees are hurt in the making.
  6. They have bonuses. Or almost all of them do nowadays.
  7. Take up less space.
  8. You can read it any and everywhere.
  9. Can be interactive.
  10. Searchable.
  11. No packaging and shipping.
  12. Easy to sell and distribute.
  13. Purchase it any time of the day.


  1. It isn’t physical. (LETS GET PHYSICAL! PHYSICAL!)
  2. Author can’t sign it.
  3. It isn’t private.
  4. You can’t hold it.
  5. It doesn’t have that nice book smell to it.
  6. You can’t share it with others unless you are giving up that electronic device.
  7. It can affect your reading style. ( like certain books or genres won’t be available)
  8. You can’t buy it without WiFi.
  9. Sometimes it won’t load.
  10. Your device has to recharge, so if it dies you have to wait.
  11. You can lose your place easier.
  12. Your device can get ruined so it makes it harder for you to read.
  13. Hurts the eyes after a certain amount of time.
  14. Harder to keep notes on it if you want to do a review on it.
  15. Some people don’t have the same sensation of finishing digital books compared to physical.

Physical books


  1. Authors can sign our book.
  2. You can find your place easier if you lose it compared to a digital book
  3. You have a sensation of going through the book and flipping the page.
  5. It has THE smell.
  6. If you want to review that certain book it is much easier to do since you can write notes in it or put sticky notes in it.
  7. It is easier on the eyes.
  8. It helps bookstores.
  9. They look pretty.
  10. You can put it on shelves.
  11. Usually Flawless editing.
  12. Covers.
  13. You can easily look at how much of the book you have left to read.


  1. Spine can break.
  2. They take up A LOT OF SPACE.
  3. It’s easy to ruin the book.
  4. Some people who borrow it don’t give it back.
  5. The ink can smear.

Total Points

Ebooks: -2

Physical: 8

So in the end Physical are the WINNER!!!!!!

In my thoughts I believe that Hardback books are better than Paperback for every signal reason except for one. THE PRICES. But in the end Hardback book are always better.

Audiobooks are really great. You can multitask easily, while listing to your book.

For many people audiobooks are the best but for me I need to have it in my hand and read it. Its always been like that for me, but I do understand that for many people that they have busy lives and it is easier to listen to books. Maybe one day later in life I can enjoy audiobooks but today is not the day.










11 thoughts on “Ebooks Vs. Physical (Paperback Vs. Hardback)

  1. Your points are totally right. I tried listening to audio books too but they aren’t for me. I can have the earpiece in my ears and then forget all about the story I’m listening to while I’m doing something else but they’re a really good alterative to ebooks for those that like them.

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    1. That same things happens to me. For me thought it’s I need to see the words to process it. Yeah it’s kinda weird, but hey, that’s me.


      1. Same here. Or I could be reading another book at the same time and then all of a sudden I am into the book I am reading and not the book I am listing to.


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